17 tips for work/life balance

Good Monday morning, everyone! Did you have an amazing weekend?! I sure did. We spent Saturday at Franklin’s Rodeo Parade and then enjoyed a fish fry with the Williamson County Shriner’s Motor Patrol and their families. (I’m the very proud daughter of a 33rd degree Mason. Dad has also been a Shriner for many years…) Anyway, I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in catfish and hushpuppies.

Mother’s Day was delightful. My parents joined us at Journey Church and then I spent the rest of the day enjoying time with them. Here’s a photo we snapped after a delicious lunch at Dotson’s:


The hustle and bustle of this weekend leads me back to a topic we covered on Friday – work/life balance. Last Wednesday I was on a panel hosted by Ladies Nashville where we covered this subject in-depth. Before the panel, I’d put a post on Facebook to see if any friends had tips or strategies they use to maintain balance…boy, did they?! The tips offered were so fabulous I had to share them here…so, courtesy of my amazingly intelligent friends, I hope you uncover a gem or two below that is helpful in your journey of maintaining balance.


Sandra S. – Lists. I once was told that a list maker is a successful person. I teach time management in one of my programs. We not only teach about making lists, but to prioritize tasks into three categories: “Must Do”, “Hope to Do” and “Will do If I have Time”. Also, I teach about stress management, so I like to put “make time for yourself” in “Must Do” list…..

Rachel B. – I have a physical list of my priorities hanging up at work and on my dresser at home. I know them in my head, but seeing the physical list is a great help. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed with work or my extra stuff, I glance at my list, and remember that that thing I’m so stressing over is not my top priority and that is how it should be treated.

Ginny P. – Prioritizing. Getting the “must do’s” done first. everything else is negotiable and can be done later. When your time is precious, you must always be asking what is most important. But keep “relaxing time” as a priority….because your health suffers otherwise

Shay H. – Learn how to say no.

Tom H. – Pray.

Stacey C. – I’m a full time working mom, so when Monday morning rolls around it’s like I just jumped on a speeding roller coaster of responsibilities, events and activities. To keep my work/life balance, I take time on Sundays to clear my head. I make my to-do list, do my grocery shopping for the week and consult with my husband to make sure we’re in sync. I visualize my week running smoothly, and I know that a little bit of pre-planning will help it run that way.

Nikki J. – I like Tom’s post. Pray and I mean that two ways, pray before you go for God to give you the wisdom and knowledge to say the right words that will benefit others but prayer is THE most important thing you can do in your life to maintain balance. My husband who is business owner, balances work, wife, children, traveling, making big decisions daily and he is THE calmest person I know! How? Because he gives it all to God through prayer and that opens up God working in our lives to give us the confidence we need to get through the things we need to do and do them with peace! I don’t know if you are allowed to speak about this but it is the truth;)

Marlena K. – Build into your routine time to be kind to yourself. In the moments this week before Mother’s Day, it reminds me of a point. As moms we put everyone before ourselves and at the end of the day, that cup needs to be filled. No matter how busy you get, stop, be kind to yourself, and cherish the stolen moments for YOU. You are the most precious gift when you are happy!

Kristin W. – Pray…morning quiet before the house stirs and at night when all is quiet again. I can plan all I want but that won’t help others actions. So just one small but powerful word, PRAY!

Hillary D. – I need to sign up for Sandra’s class! My vote would be to work PT in effort to reach “balance”.

Donna O. – Before making a decision to make a commitment to do something or say something, I ask myself, “Will this change my life or someone else’s for the positive?” If not, I choose to do something else.

Courtenay R. – Ask for help.

Clint W. – My most important trick is putting things I’m worried about…but realize I have no actual control over in their own group. Once I put something in this group on a physical list it makes it much easier to deal with. I believe this is part of a famous prayer.

Ashley M. – Leave work at work, live your life at home. Combining the two can cause extra stress where it is not wanted. I also give myself a specific time to leave work each night. If it’s not done by the set time, then it was not a priority in the first place…and it will still be there tomorrow! Praying always helps too:)

Rhonda H. – Learn the balance between giving great customer service and saying no to items that are important to them but not to you. Ask for help when overwhelmed and always know your work limit.

Ellen S. – If you have to work from home occasionally, (while also working at work) figure out what time of the day you achieve the most. For me, getting extra work done bright and early in the morning allows me to get home in the evening and focus on being at home and enjoying it!

Aubrey W. – Remember that saying YES to something always means saying NO to something else… so decline as much as you accept, because you’re always giving something else up.

Wow…did we miss anything here?! Do you have an idea or tip that wasn’t shared? Any thoughts or feedback? Please chime in below!

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