6 reasons why you have enough time for a virtual business

time-for-a-virtual-businessWhen I was first approached about starting a virtual business, the idea sounded laughably impossible.

When you say you don’t have enough time to start and maintain a virtual business, I totally know how you feel because I used to feel the same way too. (You can read more about my story here.)  What I discovered, however, is that all virtual businesses are different.

For me, I started an online franchise – a business-in-a-box, if you will. As I began working with my mentor, I realized the success of my business would not depend on 20+ hours dedicated behind a computer, but only 5-10 hours each week of focused, strategic activity alongside my day-to-day habits and social engagements. It’s so simple and has completely changed my family’s financial situation!

With so many staff now working from home businesses must also use quality employee monitoring tools so that they can see what their staff are doing and catch any bad apples.

If you’re considering launching your own virtual business, but feel like your schedule is too full, I have 6 reasons why you have ample time for a virtual business: 

1. You’re binge-watching Netflix and/or consuming hours of TV each day.
According to a recent Nielsen survey, the average American spends 5 hours per day watching TV. I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of this. After a long week, one of my favorite ways to unwind on a Saturday morning is to cook breakfast with my husband and catch up on “Orange Is The New Black,” “The Mindy Project,” or “New Girl.” There’s NOTHING wrong with indulging in a favorite show every now and then. The issue is many people get caught in the TV trap daily. It is the first thing they turn on in the morning and the last thing they’re watching at night before going to sleep. Over the last several years I have significantly cut my television watching habits and my business numbers have soared. The minute I flip on the TV I ask myself, “have I completed all of my income-producing activities for today?” (In all, they take me anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour to accomplish each day.) If I haven’t, I shut off the TV and focus on business. I always tell myself…if I have time to watch television, then I have time to build my business. The TV only comes on AFTER I’ve completed my business tasks for that day.

2. You spend more than 5 minutes on Facebook each day. 
Before I started my virtual franchise, social media was merely a time waster. I would pop on Facebook and see what was new in the lives of family and friends from college or high school. While it was great for keeping up with people, I often found myself wasting a lot of time on it. Today, social media is the #1 key driver of my business. It’s my online storefront that keeps me in front of hundreds of thousands of people all around the world! Now scrolling through Facebook isn’t wasted time…it puts money in our bank account! If you’re spending ANY amount of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…why not learn a few simple steps that can help you earn an extra $500 or $1000 per month from it? Our team has mastered successful social media strategies that show people how to generate income online in just a few minutes a day!

3. You have a 10 minute (or longer) commute to work.
Running a virtual franchise is all about building relationships, so I talk with a lot of people on the phone. The great thing is, most of these calls last 10-15 minutes. If it’s a training call, it may last closer to 20-30 minutes. Point being, I have a 30-40 minute commute each way each day, so I can usually fit 3-4 calls into my morning and evening commute schedule, depending on the nature of the call. I actually enjoy my commute because it’s a dedicated time that I can easily speak with 4-8 people each day to build my business!  

4. You take a 30 minute to 1 hour lunch break.
The middle of the day is another great time to schedule 1-2 calls, work on social media posts, or reply to emails. You can getaway to a quiet lunch spot, local coffee shop, or perhaps your public library and use your lunch hour for business activities.  

5. You’re a stay-at-home parent.
Many of the most successful virtual franchisees with my company are stay-at-home-parents. How do they make it work? They know how to prioritize and multi-task. While parenting is a full-time job, you have key moments of downtime throughout the day. If your child is an infant or just starting to walk around, you likely have several windows of nap-time throughout the day. This could be for 1 hour or 3+ hours, since every child’s sleep schedule is different. If you have pre-school age children, you can do business activities while they are away for a few hours. For older children, the school day is an ample window of time to balance household chores and business tasks. 

6. You volunteer at church, with a non-profit, community, school, or business organization.
I love my community and believe in supporting it, so when I find a cause I’m passionate about, I do my best to find ways to volunteer. Maybe you’re on the PTA for your child’s school. Perhaps you’re a cancer survivor and stay involved with the American Cancer Society. I love history so I joined DAR and volunteer as I’m able. Volunteering is an incredible way to meet people who are equally passionate as you are about a given cause. These people may decide to purchase product from you, join your business, or refer business to you. They key is to focus on relationship. Volunteering is a great way to make the world a better place while also developing key contacts for your business.

Many people assume that running an online business is time consuming, but I only spend 5-10 hours per week running mine and the payoff for our family has been incredibly rewarding. If the desire for change is strong enough, people make time for what they want to make time for. As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way! 

Do you have a passion for social media or wish you could find a way to generate extra income online? Click here to find out more about how you can start creating an income from a virtual business in just a few minutes a day!


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34 comments on “6 reasons why you have enough time for a virtual business

    • Thanks Courtney! 🙂 I hope you’re somewhere fun and look forward to learning more about your virtual business…starting one is SO worth it!

  1. I am thinking about becoming a LuLaRoe consultant and 99% of it is all online. At first I was a little hesitant because of how time consuming it may be and I do work 8-5 M-F but your points just convinced me I do have time. I facebook and netflix a lot!

  2. Starting an online business will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, Ashley! LuLaRoe is a great company. Glad to hear my tips helped to nudge you off the fence! 🙂

  3. This is so true. It’s all about organizing your time to make it happen. I sell Avon and would like it to mainly be an online business versus delivering orders. With that said, I have to make time to get the marketing aspect of it in order along with other things. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for reiterating all of these points! It can happen if you put in the work!

  4. Oh my gosh #1…I always tell people that when they tell me they don’t have enough time for X, Y, or Z. I’m guilty of it too, but I usually multitask or at least acknowledge that I’m wasting time!

  5. It is amazing how much time we do have in our day. I do have to say that sometimes it is a balance. Someone can watch Netflix but still be productive or use that lunch break for meditation instead of work. Sometimes, relaxing is more important, but I see where you are coming from as many of us waste too much time and complain too much and do very little to make the changes.

  6. Haha this is funny and true. So many different ways to get things done. For me I try to make my tv time productive. I normally and cooking, walking laps around the coffee table or doing blog house keeping stuff. Sharing this

  7. I’m in the beginning stages of starting my online biz and it’s been so worth it thus far. I’m offering social media services to my clients so it can be a little time consuming but I love it.

    xoxo, Jenny

  8. Great post! So true… especially the binge watching on Netflix. Lol. I’m totally do that – currently right now I’m binging on Supernatural. Need to get off my bum and get back to work on my brand.

    Thanks for the reminder and the good kick in the pants so to speak.

    Have a great day.

  9. Great advice! You gave me reasons not to develop excuses! I’ve been working on my site recently http://www.howmomsdoit.com and it’s hard to find the time to devote to all the social media channels, as well as manage my blog. You are right by saying there is always time to carve out for your business. Thanks for sharing such a great post!

  10. I’ve found it odd but the busier I am, the more time I have to do things. I think that’s because I cut out all of the binge watching when I get busy.

  11. Truly a great post! While many people think this blogging is an simply a write-what-you-can job, putting some money into your bank account is another story. You really have to sacrifice on a lot of things to truly succeed in this career.

  12. There are a lot of reasons that virtual business is growing these days. They can fit cost-effectively somewhere between teleconferences and face-to-face meetings for some purposes; they can be at least potentially effective education and training platforms in some use-cases, and so on.

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