What are your customers saying?

I’m going to start by telling you what my customers are saying. 🙂 This is my fabulous friend, Jennifer. I’m happy to say she’s one of my newest customers…and she’s also a raving fan. Check out what she had to say on my fan page just a few days ago:

Krista! I am on day 5 of these products and I am ALREADY seeing a difference in my skin! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am so excited about this product. After trying SO many things for so long it’s such a great feeling. I am 27 years old and I think I finally got it right! Thank you so much!

That just made me smile.

Thanks so much to Jennifer for letting me snap this photo at a recent networking event. I’m thankful to call you a friend and honored to have you as a customer.

Are you making it easy for your customers to talk about you? Do you have a Facebook fan page? LinkedIn account? Testimonials section on your website or blog? Don’t miss these valuable opportunities to let your customers say lovely things about you!

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