How to build a virtual business alongside your full-time job

Have you ever thought about starting a business alongside your full-time job, only to think you just didn’t have enough time? Or maybe you think you don’t have all the resources necessary to be profitable? I felt the same way before I launched my virtual franchise.

Today, I want to introduce you to eight women on our team, many who had similar feelings before they started theirs too. All of these ladies work their business in conjunction with a full-time career.


So, how do you build a virtual business alongside a full-time job?

The beauty of starting a virtual franchise is all about leverage. You get to leverage the time you have, your network, and the resources of whatever company you choose to partner with.

1) LEVERAGE YOUR COMPANY’S TOOLS: Unlike starting a traditional business venture, virtual franchise companies already have the marketing, training, and all of the necessary tools you need to succeed. It’s like a business in a box! Because of my consultantship with my virtual franchise, I get to leverage the resources of a multi-million dollar corporation. That’s something most business owners can only dream of.

2) LEVERAGE YOUR NETWORK: Start talking with the people you know. Go through your phone contact list, your Facebook friend list, your LinkedIn contacts, etc. Share (without expectation of a sale) with everyone you call a friend. My favorite part of what I do is getting to work with friends from my past, while also building great friendships with people who start as customers or consultants.

3) LEVERAGE THE TIME YOU HAVE: Working 40 hours a week while also wearing multiple hats as wife, mom, daughter, volunteer, etc.? I get it. Life is full! The most successful virtual franchisees are the ones with the busiest schedules! We call this lifestyle marketing because it truly fits every lifestyle and schedule. Whether I’m commuting to or from my office, cleaning house, or driving to the grocery store, thanks to technology, I can very easily fit revenue-producing activities into my busy day. In fact, many people work their business in 15 minutes increments. I know several busy moms who dedicate their child’s naptime to working their business. And guess what? Working your business just one hour each day, five days a week will help you build more than just a new shoe fund!


Believe it or not, your success as a virtual business owner has little to do with your education, background, experience, or dedicating 40 hours per week to it. It has everything to do with your goals, focus, and desire to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. That’s what every one of these amazing women (and a few good men) have in common.

Whether you’re a hairstylist, teacher, sales manager, or a stay-at-home mom…ANYONE can be successful in with a virtual business when you focus on leveraging these three key areas.

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13 comments on “How to build a virtual business alongside your full-time job

  1. This is everyone’s dream I guess, but if you are working 40 hours a week it is taking its toll on you. If you are motivated and passionate about it though it is still very possible, but you have to be crazy organised.

  2. This certainly makes things seem super easy. I really struggle with this as i feel like I don’t ever have time to cultivate my business cuz I work all day and then come home to study before passing out. I am convinced that the women who do it have super powers that have yet to be activated in me.

  3. These are pretty awesome tips! You’ve got to make the most out of the time and resources that you have!

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