The perfect time to start never arrives.

With my business, I have the pleasure of meeting a lot of people, hearing their stories and really cultivating genuine, deep relationships with many of them. This is what really gets me going and also keeps my business moving forward – as it does for any network marketer who is building a business. At the end of the day, I know that if I’m sharing what I offer and showing how my company can be the vehicle to help him or her create the change they’re seeking (as it has for me and many, many others), then I’m doing my due diligence and will see results. I know that some will join me and some won’t. That’s okay. Life is ALL about timing and reflection. For those who are contemplating working with me, launching a business with someone else or just tackling a long-desired project…all I have to say is this:

There is never a perfect time to…

– get married
– start a family
– go on vacation
– buy a house
– sell your house
– start your own business

There will always be…

– bills to pay
– multiple priorities to juggle
– other opportunities to explore
– more research to do
– other “competition”
– something less challenging
– a quick fix

That’s right. There’s no good time to really start pursuing your passion and there will ALWAYS be distractions and excuses, so ultimately, the choice to get moving is up to you. Those who are pushing towards their dreams and life goals are the ones who are making an intentional decision to JUST DO IT. Just get started. If you’re lacking focus and are chasing after every shiny object, perhaps it’s time to step back, reevaluate and make a triumphant step towards your vision…

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If something intriguing has presented itself to you, stop floundering and just move on your decision. As the saying goes, “ask and you shall receive.” If you’ve asked, it’s likely your answer is staring you right in the face. So…what are you waiting for?

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