How to earn a Lexus through a virtual business

How to earn a Lexus through a virtual business
How would it feel to never have a car payment again and let someone else handle it for you? That, in addition to generating residual income each month and earning other perks along the way like luxury trips around the world, cash bonuses, jewelry, electronics, and more are possible when you choose to start a virtual business like mine. Now, I can't speak for all virtual franchises on the market, but ours offers all of this and more.

Major milestone achieved! Bye bye student loan!


Not only is it Friday…but it’s also my student loan payoff day!! That’s right, we’ve just made the FINAL payment on my student loan!! Yippee!

I have been counting down the days until I could say IT’S PAID OFF!! I’m so thankful for the internships and jobs I’ve had along the way…and I’m especially thankful for my virtual business.… Click to read the rest.

Network Marketing 101: Start-up costs for your business


Since I started my virtual business in 2009, I’ve spoken with A LOT of people. (Read my story here.) My business is a hybrid of direct sales and network marketing. (Not sure what the difference is? Check out my overview here.) Anyway…over the years, I’ve been asked a number of great questions regarding my company, the industry, etc.Click to read the rest.

Direct Sales 101 | What is the difference between direct sales, network marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM)?

mlm-facts[image credit]

Prior to starting my direct sales business in 2009, when I initially thought of this industry, I recollected a variety of in-home “party” experiences from my youth – TupperWare parties, beauty consultations with BeautiControl and Jafra, kitchen gadget demos and tastings with Pampered Chef and more.

I never really “saw the money”, if you will, from a career perspective.… Click to read the rest.