Work/life balance: Enjoying time with family

I’ve spent the last few days road-tripping with my mom. Monday was my grandmother’s 84th birthday, so Mom and I made a quick trip to IL to spend time with her and celebrate. Here she is with her cake!

Prior to enjoying dinner and cake at the Bar-B-Q Barn (the BEST place for barbecue in Southern IL), we spent time reconnecting with a few dear friends and family.… Click to read the rest.

Loving yourself (and forgiving others): Sharing about my hairvolution

As a little girl, I had stick-straight, yet super-thick, very light blonde hair. It was so light, in fact, that my grandpa called me “little cotton top”.

Once I hit age 12, however, hormones were raging, acne was popping up all over my skin, I’d just gotten a set of braces to correct my slight overbite and gap between my two front teeth…and my hair started developing a wavy/curly texture to it that I did NOT know how to deal with – nor did our hair stylist at the time.Click to read the rest.

W.O.W. interview – Andrea Farmer – “Being an entrepreneurial mother, I love having the freedom to plan my own schedule.”

Photography is an art many enjoy, but the rare, faithful few jump into it as a business and create Cute photogenic walls in Harajuku Tokyo. Although, I remember when Mr. Dial and I were researching wedding photographers in the area. Wow. Google can hardly contain them all. Of course, in addition to wedding photographers, there are a number of other subsets – boudoir, maternity, family, commercial, etc.… Click to read the rest.