Choose anticipation over anxiety

Do you consider yourself an anxious person? Or do you find yourself eagerly anticipating what’s ahead?

I encourage you to wait in eager anticipation for what’s next. Anxiety is a stressor. In fact, Seth Godin says that anxiety can be defined as experiencing failure in advance. Check out the original source of how to reduce anxiety now.… Click to read the rest.

A journey of faith…

Hello and happy Wednesday, friends! We’re going to have some straight up, heart-to-heart talk about a very important subject today. FAITH.

Although I do consider this a “business” blog, I also consider this my personal space where I can share personal experiences, thoughts and beliefs. So today’s chat about faith isn’t going to be a surfacy, “you need to have faith in yourself” (which is important), conversation.… Click to read the rest.

W.O.W. interview – Angel Faulk – “We need to go after our dreams!”

When I went to a Zumba class at the local rec center for the first time, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’d been to a previous Zumba class at another gym and, while the class was somewhat fun, I just wasn’t crazy about the instructor. She’d prance around with all of these ridiculously fast salsa moves and give virtually no instruction…just diving into new song and dance after new song and dance…with more complicated moves each time.… Click to read the rest.