My favorite hair care products for curly or wavy hair

My favorite hair care products for curly or wavy hair
Thanks to specially-formulated curl products and online forums dedicated to textured tresses, I've learned to embrace my curls and LOVE them today. It's very rare that I straighten them anymore because I've finally figured out how to handle and care for them. I'm frequently asked about my favorite curl products, so I thought I'd share some of them with you! Let's get started...

Loving yourself (and forgiving others): Sharing about my hairvolution

As a little girl, I had stick-straight, yet super-thick, very light blonde hair. It was so light, in fact, that my grandpa called me “little cotton top”.

Once I hit age 12, however, hormones were raging, acne was popping up all over my skin, I’d just gotten a set of braces to correct my slight overbite and gap between my two front teeth…and my hair started developing a wavy/curly texture to it that I did NOT know how to deal with – nor did our hair stylist at the time.Click to read the rest.

Entrepreneur Insight Interview with Sunny Fitz, owner of SUNNYBand


Back in April of 2010, a few of my business partners and I shared a booth at the Nashville Southern Women’s Show. If you’ve never been to this (or a similar event), it’s a 4-day vendor expo featuring HUNDREDS of booths offering nearly everything a woman could want – jewelry, candles, pet accessories, skincare, health products, handbags, perfume, home décor, food, frozen wine drinks, clothes and more.… Click to read the rest.

Entrepreneur Insight: Interview series re-launching THIS Wednesday!

When I started my blog in 2010, I knew I wanted to inspire others, but I’ll admit…I lacked some vision. As I’ve grown my business since then, thankfully my vision has gained clarity. Had it not been for the inspiring entrepreneurs around me, I don’t know that I would have made the leap into launching my business, nor would I have likely believed I could do it.… Click to read the rest.