Proud to be a Daughter (of the American Revolution)

History has been an interesting subject to me for many years. I grew up in a house full of Native American artifacts, World War II memorabilia and old stamps – all interests of my father. The stories behind many of these items fascinated me. Many of them were passed down to my dad, so not only was I curious about the items themselves, but also the people they came from.… Click to read the rest.

A few business lessons I’ve learned from Dad


With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, I thought this was a timely opportunity to share just a few of the MANY things I’ve learned from my Dad over the years.

1) Always look your best. Be the best dressed person in the room. I remember entering contests and performing in musicals or community events as a child and he would always say, “You need to look sharp.Click to read the rest.