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Stories empower. Stories heal. Stories create change.

I’m eager to get back on the blogging bandwagon here and share more stories – about beauty, community, business and more. Every now and then I’ll be sprinkling in some tips and ideas as well about those same topics. In addition, my industry (network marketing/direct sales/MLM) tends to be misunderstood, so I feel compelled to educate others about the power behind this business model and empower those who already with a company or considering one.

More and more people are telling me, “Krista, you have such a powerful story. There are others out there who need to hear what you have to say.”

So I’m committing to share it here. I’ve had a pretty good start on my “my story” page and I do a decent job of keeping that area updated. What’s neat about our stories, however, is that they are ongoing and constantly changing. My story is impacted every day by the people I meet, the situations I encounter and the observations or choices I make.

I look forward to taking on this new commitment here and I hope what I share inspires you. Why, you ask? Because you have a story too and there are people who need to hear it. The world needs what you offer. You may not realize it yet…you may not even know what “it” is yet, but I’m here to help you move towards it.

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve consistently posted here, I will take a quick moment to re-introduce myself:

My name is Krista Dial and I live in historic Franklin, TN – about 20 miles south of Nashville (aka Music City). I married my best friend, Philip, in June of 2010. I have worked in the corporate world as a public relations professional, but since 2009 have been self-employed as a speaker, consultant and network marketer. My interests outside of my career include crochet (taught myself last Summer), reading (a variety of genres), visiting historical sites, my family (of course!), wine, food (we’re spoiled with amazing restaurants here), baking (pies, cookies and breads, specifically) and painting my nails…just to name a few!

I’m so thrilled our paths have crossed and look forward to the stories we share on this journey together. I’ll be back in a day or two with my next post and hope you’ll come back then!

Whether this is your first time stopping by or we’re old friends, please do take 30 seconds to introduce yourself and/or say hello in the comments below.

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Krista shows people how to use social media and technology to create sustainable residual income from home. Click here to learn more about how you can earn extra income online by following her simple system.

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