Social worker turned online entreprenista: Krista Dial interviews Camille V. Jones

krista-dial-interviews-camille-v-jonesI’m SO ecstatic about today’s announcement!

Starting a video interview series has been on my goal board for the last TWO years, y’all. Seems like every time I’d start working on this project I’d hit a brick wall with not having (or understanding) the technology needed to move forward OR another area of my business or career was requiring major focus.

Well, I’m thrilled to say I’ve finally put the right pieces in place to make my Virtual Biz Chats video series a reality! 

To kick things off, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my incredible power partner Camille Jones. We’ve worked together in the same virtual business over the last several years and it’s been so exciting to see her grow!

Tune into the video below to hear more about how she discovered her virtual franchise while she was shoe shopping and how running a virtual business has positively impacted her community and family life. (Can’t watch the video? I’ve conveniently transcribed our interview for you below.)

Without further adieu…here is episode #1 of my Virtual Biz Chats!

Krista: Well hey everybody. My name is Krista Dial of – beauty, business, and lifestyle and who knows what else. Sometimes I post about other things I enjoy like Nashville and nail tips…which that would fall in the beauty category, right? A big part of what I share on is business, because I do have my own virtual business and I really enjoy connecting with other entrepreneurs specifically in the virtual business world to talk about what’s working for them, what’s not working with them, and just talk shop.

I’m going to be starting an interview series and I’m really excited to share my first interview for this video is with one of my very dear friends. Her name is Camille Jones and she and I are both actually in the same company. We have so much fun helping people look good and feel good in their skin and also make some great money while doing it.

I’m just going to jump right in and let Camille tell us a little bit about herself. I DO want to share that she and I work super close and we’ve known each other now for, gosh, Camille how long has it been? I guess three or four years?

We have so much fun working together. It’s a virtual franchise that we both work with in the anti-aging skincare industry and it’s so much fun when you can work with people that you really enjoy working with and being able to turn those great business relationships into super fun friendships as well…so Camille, thank you for joining us for my entrepreneur interview series and please tell us a little bit about your background and why you decided to start a virtual business:

Camille: Well, thank you Krista first of all for the opportunity. It’s been exciting to get to interview for you!’m originally from Nashville which is actually how Krista and I met. I was a social worker and also did some mental health work and some case management and crisis management, so that is actually my background. I loved the job, but I did not like the pay or the time that I had to spend doing that particular career. I felt like I was working, you know 50-60 hour weeks and being on call and things like that, so I didn’t have a lot of freedom to do the things that I wanted to do.

I originally was just sort of looking for some different options. I thought maybe the answer was to go back to school and maybe try a different degree or get a masters degree, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized there wasn’t much security in that either, especially in this economy. I just sort of had my my feelers out for some type of opportunity that would get me where I wanted to be.

The company that I’m with now kinda just fell in my lap. I was introduced to it by a complete stranger who was wonderful getting all the information I needed. What I really loved about the idea of owning my own company and doing it online, on my own terms, making my own money

That part was really exciting to me, so that’s initially what brought me on board for doing a business that I never would have thought I would have done, but it was the right timing for me and I think that was very important.

Krista: Fabulous, so how how long at this point have you have a virtual business?

Camille: It’s been going on four years. I can’t believe how fast time flies but I have learned so much in those four years. It’s been incredible.

Krista: So over the course of four years, a lot can happen, a lot can change in even just one year, but over the course of four years, what obstacles would you say you have had to overcome to build your business?

Camille: I had multiple life changes happen in the last four years. I got married, I moved to another state where I didn’t know a single person and I just moved again about eight months ago to another place where I didn’t know anybody. Life changes like that. Different career moves were happening for my husband as well. Being away from friends and family during a lot of those changes was also hard.

Personally I think overcoming fear was a big obstacle. It’s interesting when you talk to people and they express their fears. Fear of failure, fear of what other people think and/or fear that it may or may not work. I think just being able to try something new. You know I’ve always been that new girl who started a job. Where you didn’t know everything or you’re scared to go to work and you think “oh my gosh, what are they going to think about me? Am I going to be able to do this? I don’t know!” Every time you overcome that, you end up getting in a better position. So the big one for me was overcoming that fear of failure, overcoming the fear of “am I able to even do this?” Overcoming the fear of what people might think about me.

The people that love you will absolutely support you and the people that are negative when you’re trying to do something new and change where you’re at and and strive for a dream or vision or on something better for your life and your family, those people will eventually fall off so you don’t really want them in your life anyways!

Krista: You you touched on something just a second ago in terms of asking yourself “Is this gonna work?” I feel like you probably relate to this. So many people look at our industry and think that when you have a virtual business are like “oh is that thing gonna work?” “Oh you’re doing that now?” Which I had a very similar mindset, to be totally honest, before really educating myself about this industry and learning how it works. It is completely different from a job. It is not an employment situation. So many people are used to trading time for money. You know, when I show up here I get X amount of dollars. When you have a virtual business it’s very, very different. I would love for you to share your perspective on how it DOES work IF you work it.

I think that’s where so many people fail. They’ll start a virtual business and they think “This isn’t working. It’s not going where I wanted it to go. I haven’t achieved the goal that I want to achieve yet.” You and I both know, because we’ve accomplished some big goals our businesses, that when we work it, when we set our goals and we work those goals…that it works. Can you share a little bit of your perspective on that?

Camille: I guess I would say to probably think about other types of businesses that people would start and then look at what they’ve done and model what they’ve done to get started.

I mean for example if you were to start a photography business, you would have to invest. You have to buy a really nice camera. You would have to buy filters and lighting. You have to buy business cards and marketing material. You would have to start talking to people and it’s all in your control. That’s the beauty of this industry is that if I want a pay raise next month, I just need to amp up my activity and who I’m sharing with and the people that I’m around and I give myself a bonus. Just like in the photography business when you first start out. You get a few clients, you might even do some free sessions to get the word out that you’re actually really good and I think if somebody were to come up to me and say hey I’m starting photography business, I would be like “Oh awesome, where’s your card?” And then they say “well, I don’t have those yet because I’m waiting for it to work.” I’d be like “Okay, well do you have any examples of the fact that you are photographer? Can I see some of your work?” And they’re like, “Oh no, I haven’t invested in that yet because I don’t have the money yet.” Or “I’m not really sure if it’s gonna work yet.” That wouldn’t make any sense, so I think whatever or whichever company you’re using and you choose, it’s very important that you use and love the product because you are a product of the product.

For me specifically, I love the skincare world simply because it’s the first thing people see. When I walk up to you and you only get one face, it’s very very very important that we take care of that, so that to me made a lot of sense from a business standpoint. It’s also a huge industry, so just knowing what you’re marketing, what it is that you’re doing, the people that are using those products. You know, not everybody will use jewelry. Jewelry is specifically for women, so you’ve got to change that clientele. If you’re doing kids books, or whatever the company is, knowing you have a market for that, so just being diligent in knowing the company that you’re working with, following those leaders, making sure they have an incredible training program for you. Those are all so important when you’re looking to become successful.

The biggest thing for me I believe really is your mindset. There’s a quote that says “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” And that’s by Henry Ford. It’s my favorite quote because it’s so true. What happens in our head and what we tell ourselves, just our mindset of “yes I can do this. I’m going to do this. I’m gonna make this work,” was huge in my success because so many people will tell you you can’t. If you start believing that negativity it’ll really bring you down, so I think those were just some of the things that have been really helpful

for me as I’ve started and become successful at this. Learning the process and being okay to fail as well. Being okay to make some mistakes because we all do. It’s the process of this. It’s a journey that you’re going on and not everybody really is meant to be an entrepreneur to be honest. You know I didn’t realize that was an entrepreneur until I tried it and now I cannot even imagine having to clock into work somewhere. I wake up on Monday in my PJs and I can do some conference calls or some skin consultations. I can go to a business meeting or networking event, or I can clean my house and do my laundry. It really is up to me. You’re exchanging something for something better in my opinion, so you have to want those things and you have to find out what’s important to you. And are you willing to work? Are you willing to try something new to have something different?

Krista: Absolutely I love that, Camille. When you work it, it works. I have talked with so many people because guys, I do have a full time job that I love. I’m actually in that very rare situation where I love my job. If you ask most people walking down the street, they would say “oh it’s ok, it pays the bills.” I have so much fun in my daytime gig and I work with a company that I have just admired for years and years and I do my virtual business alongside it, so in my non-daytime hours in my non full-time job hours, that is when I work my virtual business and the freedom and flexibility that my virtual business has provided us has been phenomenal. I talk with so many people who think oh well I don’t have 20 or 30 or 40 hours a week to put into earning some extra income. The thing is, there are people who are making more working 5-10 hours a week in their virtual business then they made working 40 hours a week in a previous employer. So what I always tell people is that you just work with the time you have. Work with what you got and you just never know working those no couple 5, 8, maybe 10 hours a week you never know what it can blossom into. It doesn’t really feel like work like so often we just kind of feel like we’re hanging with friends and I know for me that’s one of my most rewarding parts of my virtual business.

So you’ve been doing this for four years. You hear a little bit about some of the obstacles you’ve overcome. We’ve talked a bit about what’s held some people back. Tell me, what’s been the most rewarding part of your virtual business?

Camille: I just want to touch on what you just said as far as time goes because that was a real concern of mine – being too busy. Being on call 24/7 I never knew when I was going to get a phone call to distract me and take me away, but what I’ve realized is we all have the same 24 hours in our day and we all make time for what’s important to us. To me, that time freedom, that extra income to pay off debt, the ability to be able to have children and come home from work and have those options and having choices to be able to take a vacation if I want to or to give to a charity that I wanted to give to, or sponsor child in another country. That was so important to me that I was able to change how I was using my time to fit this in because it was that important to me.

You wouldn’t believe how much time we waste on a typical day on Facebook, Instagram, TV, sitting in traffic, all kinds of different ways we actually do waste time. So it’s just being more strategic in what we’re doing and making sure that’s important. Why would you do something like this? You know, I’m a huge Dave Ramsey fan and he says you gotta live like no one else so that later you can live like no one else. So it’s a sacrifice for a small amount of time for a huge reward down the way. But, rewarding? Oh my gosh I cannot even tell you how rewarding it is because it’s just…everything just keeps getting better actually. Probably one of the biggest things was just learning and what I’m capable of.

Knowing that I’m capable of doing way more than I ever thought…just myself and my career. I’ve tripled my income from being a social worker and that just blows my mind really. It’s such a blessing and we’ve paid off all the debt that we have and now we’re able to give like we’ve never been able to give before, and said that is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Also just the friendships and the support. I feel like I have friends in every state and now another country and because of this bond and because of the company, that really is changing things for women and empowering women and men to be able to just give and live like no one else. and i just think that’s so inspiring and so rewarding. Then I would say the trips! I’ve always wanted to travel the world and it’s the most rewarding thing to get to go on a trip that you have earned that’s completely free for you and your husband or kids. We’re able to tax deduct our trips even. When we do have to travel somewhere that’s not a paid for incentive trip, and that’s incredibly rewarding to be able to see how other cultures live and got out of state and and just travel. Those are just a few of the rewards that this has offered me and been able to give me.

Krista: Love it! Fabulous. You and I both have learned a lot since we started our virtual businesses. What would you say are your top three tips for someone who is exploring starting a virtual business? Or looking at different companies that are out there. What three tips would you give someone who is looking to get started with a virtual business a very near future?

Camille: I would say 100 percent the number one thing would be your mindset. No matter what you do, you’ve got to make a decision that you’re going to try and you’re going to give it all you have. With that mindset then you can look at the different opportunities that are presented to you and look at the people that have presented them to you. Are they somebody you admire? Somebody that you trust? Is the company they’re presenting reputable? Is it debt free? Is it something that you can see being around for 10 or 20 years because you don’t want to be a part of something that really is just a fast type of company that comes in and out with a product that nobody’s heard of and then they kind of go away.

You want to be with something that really does have a backbone and really has a lot of press coverage from a lot of people outside the industry saying that it’s legitimate and saying that it is a great business and a great product. I would also say being coachable…that is huge in this industry because let me tell you I didn’t know what I was doing at all when i started. I mean I literally had no clue and had that panic of I just ordered these products then I had started  something new and I like “what have I done?” But being coachable and just listening to the leaders and making sure that leader who you’ve joined knows what they’re doing it and is able to show you the way and give you step by step instructions on how to make this successful and then being willing to learn, because a lot of the time this isn’t like anything else I’ve ever done and so if I would have just said “well I know what I’m doing and I’m going to do it my way,” I probably wouldn’t have been successful if I have been because there is a system that works. Just knowing how to make it easy and just sharing the story is a big deal and being coachable when you’re learning at the beginning will go so far. I will always be coachable in my business  because i want to learn from the best of the best of the best and it’s gotten me this far. So I will always have that coachable spirit. I would also be patient and give it time. A lot of people think “oh this is gonna happen overnight” or “in one month i’m gonna make all of this money” and those are technically you know not good situations. There is nothing in life that’s free and so anything that is promising something outside of hard work and a smart business model is probably not going to get you very far. It amazes me that I’ve done this for four years and I still have people who I talked to four years ago now, now reaching out to me saying “hey I’ve heard about this again” or “my husband just lost his job” or “I just had a kid, I really think I should look at this again and see if I really want to stay home with the kids.” And there’s all kinds of just life situations that happen that cause people to change their minds about certain things or look into other things.

So much of this is about timing. The other day I had a friend that reached out to me. Her skin had broken out because she’s now pregnant whereas before she had gorgeous skin and didn’t really think she needed any products. Well now she needed something and so she thought of me because I’ve been consistent and I’ve been available to her and shared with her not stressed her out and overwhelmed her by any means, but just sharing and showing what these products can do. And that that’s another thing, make sure you give it time and be patient. This is technically a 3-5 year career path if you want to exceed and have it replace your career and if you just want a couple hundred dollars month, you can get that very very quickly, actually. So it really just depends on what you want it for, and then just be patient and give it time and be consistent.

Krista: Wonderful tips, Camille. Now my last question before we wrap up here is, and this wasn’t on the list, but we talked about it on our training call earlier so this is fresh in your mind. Just want to talk about social media in terms of time and how it’s not necessarily about how much time you have, it’s about using the time that you have wisely. Having good time management skills. If you have just a couple of hours a week, focusing that time on those income producing activities for your business. You know a lot of people, as we said earlier, will say “I just don’t have time for something like this,” yet as we know, the majority of Americans are in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousand of dollars in debt.

More people need to find the time like you and I have to make something like this work. That’s what gets me so excited each day. Knowing that we have a vehicle that can really empower people in their finances. So many people will say “I have a crazy schedule.” Or “I have a job…I have  a significant other and kids and family…” You know the list goes on. Getting out and meeting people and networking and having events…those are all very important strategies in this industry, but social media also plays a very key role and social media just keeps evolving. Week after week, month after month. Talk with us about the role that social media has played in your business. It’s a quick way really impact a lot of people. How has it helped you take your business to the next level?

Camille: So I would say 85 percent of my business has come from social media. I had no idea that it was that powerful when I started and it’s been probably the number one thing to help me with this business. And let me tell you there’s a right way to do it and there’s a wrong way to do it, but just sharing your lifestyle and how it’s helped you and just being able to share in five minutes, actually it’ll probably take you less than that. Really takes one minute to post something on Facebook and share it. You know just the other day we did this event with 75 people from probably 22 different states and also Canada and it took me 30 minutes, so really it’s about leveraging your time and making your time work for you, so social media if you’re already on there, why not make money being on Facebook? Why not? I’ll put “hey give me a recommendation for a restaurant Madison, Mississippi” and I get people sending recommendations. We do it all the time, so making sure that you have good training, you know what you’re doing and doing it appropriately and professionally is the biggest thing.

Krista: Absolutely. Alright, well Camille, I know your computer is about to die and I have taken enough time for today. I know you and I could sit here and go on and on about topics. We have so much fun together. I think we need to do another video interview and maybe talk about some of the tips and strategies that we use to build our businesses. As we say, sharing is caring! This has been really fun and I hope everybody who has been watching this has gotten some good value. Gotten to know both Camille myself a little bit better, but Camille before we jump off will you tell everybody where they can find you online. Do you have a website? Are you on Twitter? Tell us a little bit about our your social media channels so everybody can connect with you.

Camille: Absolutely you can find me on Facebook – camillevjones. I also have a website which is also and all other profiles twitter, instagram is @camillevjones. I would love for you guys to follow me. We have a lot of fun!

Krista: Wonderful. Camille, thank you so much! Everyone thank you for jumping on and spending a little bit of time with both Camille and myself. If you’re not following me just yet, make sure you go and follow Camille and check out what she’s up to if you’re not following me yet on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, wherever else you could be online…Pinterest…I am everywhere at @dialkrista and my website is Make sure you sring by and say hello, drop me a note. I would love to hear from you guys. It’s been fun. I will catch you on our next video. Thanks so much everybody and have a great day!

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To your success,
Krista Dial


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  1. Camille is such an inspiration , to move somewhere where she knew noone and rebuild her life I think helped her become a successful entrepreneur. You have a great interview style as well.

    • She really is such an inspiration, isn’t she, Ana?! I’m so blessed to work with incredible gals like her. 🙂 Thanks for your compliment…I appreciate your kind words! <3

    • Thanks for popping by, Ali! 🙂 Fear is definitely one of the biggest obstacles holding most people back. Glad we touched on it during our interview.

  2. She is an inspiring woman! She makes sure everyone understands that there is no get rich quick scheme, and that every thing is a product of hard work. In order for us to reap rewards, we must invest in ourselves first.

    • Isn’t she?! Thanks for stopping by, Annemarie! 🙂 Yes, I enjoyed my chat with Camille and am so glad we touched on those important points.

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  4. Congratulations for this well written interview! You nailed it babe, plus you’ve created an evergreen post 🙂


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  5. Congrats to you business! Very exciting to have everything fit together and a great partner to support each other is a bonus. I wonder in reality how many small businesses are fortuanate to have a team that works together so nicely. I’m still getting acquainted with the endlessential possibilities of what social media has to offer.

    • Thank you, Rose! It sure is! So uncommon in the business world today. Yes, social media is constantly changing and creating new opportunities. I appreciate you stopping by my blog! 🙂

    • Thank you, Tiina! I was definitely glad to start my year with the launch of this series. 🙂 Glad to hear you were able to relate to Camille’s story.

  6. Wow congrats on the new interview series! This is amazing and I am so happy you shared it! Such a great interview with some amazing things to take away from. It’s always inspiring to see women supporting other women’s success. Total #GIRLBOSS!


    • Awe, thank you Crissy!! I really appreciate your kind words and am looking forward to sharing more inspiring interviews in the new year! It was a huge leap of faith for me to start my biz, but it’s been so rewarding for our family…so I really enjoy sharing other entrepreneurs’ stories to help inspire others with the confidence to take the leap like I did. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Ola! I’m definitely excited about the goal. Yes, please poke around here and don’t hesitate to let me know if I can assist you with anything! 🙂

    • Thank you, Anosa! Yes, investing in ourselves is key to helping us improve our skills and in turn improving the follow through on our goals. I appreciate you coming by the blog. Have a great day!

  8. That’s awesome! I think she’s an inspiring woman and I love that she dove right in to follow what she wants to do in life. Of course there were doubts in her journey but it’s awesome that she followed through, determined to achieve her goals.

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