Reflecting on 2012 and anticipating 2013

Hello friends. The past year has been an incredible time of learning and growth. What may have appeared initially as obstacles, turned into a number of tests…and opportunities for positive change. While some of the lessons were tough to learn, I’m grateful for them. I truly feel I’m being prepared for something bigger than words here can explain.

With that said, I’m committing to regular blog posts and updates as I continue on this exciting journey. My intention is to encourage, inspire and equip you with personal insight, ideas and tools to help you “think outside the cubicle” and pursue the life you are called to live.

It hasn’t been easy. Some have called me crazy. That’s okay. Some big dreams have been placed in my heart and nothing is going to stop me from pursuing them. Nothing should stop you either. So join me in shooting for the moon. If we land among the stars…that’s not a bad place to be either, right?

I believe in surrounding myself only with people who will lift me higher – and I encourage you to do the same. Since starting my business, I’ve been blessed to come into contact with some incredible business owners. Many of those folks have inspired me in a number of ways, so I thought it would be neat to pick a few to interview and share their entrepreneurial insight here with you. I’m excited to announce that, starting this Friday, I will launch my W.O.W. (Women Of Wisdom) Q&A series, starting with Ashley King, the amazing woman behind Ashley’s Bride Guide. Waiting in the wings is my friend Angel – a fabulously faithful, fitness instructor who loves serving others. I can hardly wait to share their stories with you.

Until then, I wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve. See you in 2013!








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