Network marketing 101: How much time does it take to build a successful business?


When I started my network marketing business in 2009, I had hardly any “extra time” left in my schedule. I was working 40+ hours per week in a cubicle for my public relations job and I was also engaged to be married, so we were planning our wedding. The last thing I thought I had time for was a side business.

What I realized, however, was that most successful network marketers started their networking careers alongside another full-time gig. The beauty of network marketing is that it’s a very social business. You might also call it “lifestyle marketing” because a lot of the “work” takes place throughout your normal day – as you strike up a conversation in line at the bank, as you’re reconnecting with a former co-worker over lunch, while you’re speaking with another parent at your child’s soccer game.

If you can find 5-10 hours or so per week of social time in your schedule, then you absolutely have time to build a successful network marketing business. It’s not so much about the hours of time you put towards it, but how you spend that time. For example, you will have WAY more success spending 5 hours per week meeting people over lunch or reconnecting over the phone than you would spending 10 hours per week organizing your office or replying to emails.

The core of success in the network marketing industry is engaging in conversation with people and sharing about your business/product. You get paid for presenting and sharing, NOT for racking up hours on a timesheet. This is quite easy nowadays and your social media accounts can be of great help. Companies like Simply Gram can help you get new Instagram followers so you can develop your network marketing.

If you’re new to network marketing, focus on the windows of time you have in your schedule and maximize those with revenue producing activity. And also keep in mind, this is NOT an overnight success business. Just like the athletes you see competing in the Olympics, there’s a TON of behind the scenes preparation (and often failure) that takes place!

Taking on any new skill set or career path is going to require learning. Most people don’t achieve success in network marketing because they quit too soon. Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) says to give your network marketing business a minimum of 5 years before you quit. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Some network marketers will skyrocket within 1-2 years and others it may take 6-8 years…the key is consistency and remembering that everyone’s journey is different.

Network marketing has positively impacted my life in so many ways. It’s allowed me to pursue a calling that I’m crazy passionate about and not be “stuck in a job”.

Success will be defined differently by each person you speak with. Some desire an extra $200 per month alongside another career they love. Others desire $3,500 per month to replace a job that no longer fulfills them. Others are seeking $20,000 per month so they can give generously and change the lives of those around them.

Whatever your definition of success is…you can find it in network marketing.

Whatever your schedule looks like…you can find the time to be successful in this industry. Decide, do and don’t quit. 🙂

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4 comments on “Network marketing 101: How much time does it take to build a successful business?

    • Thanks Angela! :)That is so true. Reminds me of a quote I came across recently…”We make time for what we want to make time for.” We all have the same amount of time in our days…it’s a matter of spending it wisely…and of course, “wisely” varies per person. I appreciate you chiming in today! Happy Sunday!

    • Good morning, Jackie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the conversation here. I think we’re all guilty of that…again, depending on what it is and what our priorities are at that given season of life. Persistence certainly does pay off. Hope you’re off to an amazing week! 🙂

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