Virtual business owner spotlight: Lynne Spears

lynne-spears-virtual-businessDid you know that Lynne Spears (mom of Britney and Jamie Lynn) runs a virtual business?

Lynne has devoted her time to helping her children achieve their dreams. In her own words…

“I was grateful that I could be there for them during that time, but as they got older and were able to take care of themselves, I wanted something for myself again. However, I needed it to be flexible—I wasn’t looking to trade time for money.” 

“When I heard about the people behind this virtual business, my interest was piqued. I absolutely love their approach to skincare, and I was curious to try their anti-aging regimen. The clinically proven products combined with the doctors’ reputation made me confident that I could proudly stand behind this company.”

One of Lynne’s favorite parts about this business is that the more social she is, the more her business grows.

“This experience continues to enrich my life in so many ways. I enjoy meeting new people, and this virtual business is providing me with a network of friends all over the country—and I can’t wait for us to continue to expand globally, so when we launch in countries I’ve never visited, I can further expand my network while traveling. It’s awesome that the more people I talk to, the more my business grows. And it’s great to work with like-minded people who you care about. My teammates are not just my business partners; they are my friends. The collaboration within this community is so inspiring, and I think that’s the key to success because we all do better when we’re working together.”

Today Lynne is driving our company Lexus and has earned multiple free vacations through her business. Her favorite part?

“It’s awesome to watch people build successful organizations that are empowering their families to have better futures.” It’s such a blessing to work with people like Lynne who love giving back and helping others.lynne-spears-family

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22 comments on “Virtual business owner spotlight: Lynne Spears

    • I think Zig Ziglar said “you can get anything you want, so long as you help enough other people get what they want.” Serving others truly is key…thanks for coming by, Linda! 🙂

    • Thanks Samantha! I know…it’s fun to see celebrities in their element and simply spending time with friends and family, right? Thanks for popping by today! xo

  1. What an interesting piece. I remember reading a lot about the Spears family back in the day. It’s good to see that Lynne is doing something for herself after devoting all her time to her daughters.

    • Yes, it’s so important to find fulfilling work that can also be flexible around other priorities, especially family!

  2. I love that Lynne turned her desire to create a flexible work experience for herself and is able to contribute to a team she values so much. That is such a powerful message for so many to hear, that you can love what you do and enjoy the people you work with all at the same time.

    • Yes, that’s absolutely my favorite part about what we do! It’s neat to work with a company that attracts servant leaders like Lynne!

    • Thanks Jasmine! Yes, passion for serving others is definitely key to the success of any business. I’m thankful to work with amazing people like Lynne!

  3. Behind every successful child star is a mother who works her tail off to help her child achieve his/her dreams. It’s wonderful that at this time in her life Lynne Spears can now focus her attention on her own dreams, hopes and plans. It’s great that she has been able to achieve this through her online business.

    • That is absolutely the truth! 🙂 Yes, it’s such a blessing to be able to work this virtual business alongside and around life’s many other priorities. I appreciate you stopping by and saying hello! 🙂

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