From redesigning spaces to redefining her career, this former interior designer helps others build sustainable online businesses

jen-skincare-business-former-military-aircraft-officerJen never saw skincare sales as a part of her future.

In fact, she started her career in the military…which is where she also met her husband. They were both studying at the Air Force Academy. She became an aircraft maintenance officer and he went on to become a pilot. This meant the two of them were often deployed…making it difficult to build a future and grow a family. 

When the couple decided it was time to have children, Jen joined the reserves and began to stay home. After just a few years she began looking for part-time work, but was unable to find anything suitable in part-time hours, so she decided entrepreneurship would be a good route and started an interior design business from home, using the best trends as muralswallpaper for decoration of their homes.

Although her business became a success, it ended when a new military assignment was given to her husband and their family was sent to a new location. 

Thankfully a friend has just recently told her about a virtual skincare business. Although Jen was really impressed by the business model and company brand recognition, she wasn’t crazy about selling skincare, since it had never been something she’d really been interested in before, but there are many products you can get for this purpose, try this site to find the best products to take care of your skin. Her true calling was to help other military families, although she wasn’t certain how to pursue that passion. One day, it all clicked.

military-wife-turned-skincare-business-owner“I like to call it my Jerry Maguire moment,” she says, laughing.

She realized she could intertwine her work with the virtual skincare business to fuel her dream of serving military spouses. This discovery lit a fire under her and she immediately decided she would give one half of her virtual business income to a nonprofit micro loan organization and request those funds to be tabbed for loans awarded to military spouses.

So off she went. She launched her virtual skincare business from home and, just a few years later, she continues to support this micro loan organization for military spouses and also gives generously every month to other causes she believes in.

“This is going to sound funny,” she confides, “but I’m a terrible salesperson. I don’t like pushing things on people. But I realized that in this business, I’m not just selling things, I’m sharing an opportunity.” 

virtual-business-team-atmosphereJen didn’t know much about starting a virtual franchise, so she focused on what she did know, building her own self-confidence and that of those around her.

Because of the success of her virtual skincare business, Jen has redesigned life both for her and her family. While the business world can be cold, dark, and uncertain, Jen loves that her business is based on sharing and support. How does Jen measure her own success?

“Watching leaders grow. The more people I empower and the more leaders I build – that’s how I measure my success.”

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48 comments on “From redesigning spaces to redefining her career, this former interior designer helps others build sustainable online businesses

  1. Great interview! I’m definitely trying to monetize my blog more this year. I don’t want to give up my full-time job because I love it so much, but this is a good side job 🙂

    • That’s awesome that you love your full-time job! I love mine too! We’re definitely fortunate because so many people don’t…thanks for stopping by and saying hello! 🙂

  2. Wow how the world has changed that you can have a business from anywhere you can stay connected. That’s awesome that she can fulfill her purpose and be there for her family as well. What a blessing!

    • Isn’t it wild how technology and business models change things?! It truly is a blessing to work and do business on your own terms.

    • Awe, thanks for the kind comment, Isaly. That’s definitely my goal…to keep things relatable! I’m so excited you’ve started your own venture. I always say the rewards go to the risk takers! 🙂

  3. To empower women, we must help each other to discover our entrepreneurial skills, that could help to boost our confidence, for also for our future.

    • I completely agree, Blair. So many women don’t think they have entrepreneurial skills…I sure didn’t think I did. I’m so thankful for the day someone told me I should look into starting my own business! It’s completely changed my life. I appreciate you coming by! 🙂

  4. Wow Jen sounds like a super mom and true business woman! Love that this blog post encourages us females to push out of our comfort zone to discover our entrepreneurial skills. Thanks for allowing us to gain some inspiration and insight on what other careers are out their for us!


    • Thanks for the kind words, Crissy! Jen is an amazing mom and entrepreneur, for sure! So happy you stopped by and said hello. 🙂

  5. She is inspiring. Reminds me of Ivankas’s Women Who Work. I hope many will also be inspired with her stories and career.

  6. What a cool story .. from military to skin care. It just goes to show that we never quite know what life is going to throw at us. Thanks for the post!

  7. I like her quote of I’m not just selling I’m sharing an opportunity. I used to sell items and it’s not for me but applaud people who make it work!

  8. Jen story is so interesting, even she didn’t see her skincare business in the future, but that’s life. Not matter how much you planned it, destiny still call the shots,

  9. This is awesome. I feel the best sales people are those that are passionate about the products and/or information that they are sharing. It’s awesome that all worked out for her to pursue her own business.

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