Finding the right skincare changed my life

acne-skincare-treatment-krista-dial-beautyI don’t mean to sound overly dramatic, but if you’ve ever dealt with severe skin issues like redness, acne, melasma, or any of the other myriad of possible skin issues, each scarier than the next, perhaps you can empathize with the title of this post.

See, I’ve spent the majority of my life hiding my face.

From age 12 until about 24, you’d never find me in public without loads of heavy concealer, foundation, and powder covering my oily, acne-prone skin. My pubescent days were not easy. Both my skin AND my hair got out of control. (Read my hair story here.)

Seeing the toll these breakouts were taking on my self-confidence, naturally my parents set an appointment with a dermatologist.

For 12 years these dermatologists would rotate me on and off a variety of antibiotics, washes, creams, and gels – all meant to treat and control acne.

A new prescription would come onto the market and these doctors would suggest I try it…all to no avail. My acne persisted. I don’t mean to get too graphic here, but we’re not just talking about facial acne…I was also struggling with body acne on my chest, shoulders, and back.

Low-cut or back-baring clothing had never been high on my wardrobe wish list. Homecoming, prom, and summertime swimsuits (some of the most fun experiences of a teen’s life) were the most anxious times of year for me.

So fast-forward to 2009, as I was newly engaged and excitedly planning our wedding with my fiance. The sheer thought of wedding dress shopping terrified me. We were planning a June wedding. What was I supposed to do…wear a shrug? Here we were, planning the most beautiful, exciting day of our lives and all I could think about was my bacne. So sad.

From prescription medicines to drugstore and high-end department store skincare brands, I tried it all. I even tried facials and peels. Nothing kept my acne at bay…until September of 2009.

While networking at a Nashville Chamber of Commerce meeting I struck up a conversation with someone blogging for who told me she was launching a new skincare line called Touch Up Laser. I shared with her about my skin struggles and we promptly set a lunch appointment so she could tell me more. The client testimonial photos looked too good to be true, but when she told me the products were backed with a 60-day, empty-bottle guarantee, (unlike the products in my skincare product graveyard I had accumulated over the years) I decided I had to try these products.

acne-skincare-makeup-free-krista-dialAfter only 2 months of following a consistent skin regimen that soothed redness, unclogged pores, healed acne and slowed oil production…I was finally able to face the world confidently with my makeup-free face. (Well, I do love my mascara and lip gloss…but, you know what I mean.) These products even cleared my body acne, so I was able to wear a beautiful decollete and back-baring wedding gown for our wedding day.

Today, my skin looks better than ever and my confidence has been restored. What a gift! Not only do I feel great about not covering my skin every day, but now I have more time in my morning routine…it’s a win-win! 🙂 If you are looking to ramp up your skincare routine, this list of best handheld LED light therapy device from is just what you need.

If you’re curious to know my personal favorite skincare solution that has helped me and thousands of other people get clear, smooth, blemish-free skin, click here to learn more.

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16 comments on “Finding the right skincare changed my life

    • It’s so true! So thankful after searching the world over for the perfect one for me. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

    • Thanks Melanie! I spent so many years seeing multiple dermatologists…none of their prescription products have held a candle to how my new regimen has helped me…so glad it’s under control now!

  1. Krista, you look fabulous! After so many years it’s wonderful that you’ve finally found a skincare regime that really works. It’s a blessing to feel confident in your own skin and be able to experience the joy of going without foundation and concealer whenever you please. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Denay! Yes, it’s definitely a good feeling after spending a decade struggling with skin issues! 🙂

  2. Girl, you look amazing! I’m still searching for the perfect skin care regime so I know how hard it can be to find a good one! I’m so happy and proud that you feel comfortable showing your natural self 🙂

    • Awe…thanks Anne! I thought I’d never find right right regimen to heal my skin. What have you tried and what skin issues are you dealing with? I may have a recommendation that could help. Let me know how I can assist!

    • Yeh, acne can truly be devastating. Can’t believe I struggled for so many years, but am so thankful to finally have under control!

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