How to use Facebook Live to grow your virtual business [FREE DOWNLOAD]

using-facebook-live-virtual-businessMore than 1 billion people are active on Facebook. In fact, if Facebook was a country, it would be significantly larger than China. 

Needless to say, if you have a business, you should definitely be on Facebook. Your current and/or future customers/team members likely use it. All day every day Facebook users share questions, observations, reviews, tips, etc. They key is to get them talking about YOU, right? That’s our plan here.

So let’s say you’re one of the super savvy people who is using Facebook to generate business. Have you noticed the new feature on your profile from your mobile device that allows you to go LIVE? That’s right, you can now shoot live video straight from Facebook mobile. 

Why is this important? Because video is HIGHLY engaging and it’s a key way to establish trust and credibility with your audience. (Check out my video marketing tips by clicking here!)

When I discovered Facebook Live I HAD to try it. My very first one generated about 25 live viewers, but within an hour, more than 100 people had watched it. THAT is how you leverage your time and network. It’s a beautiful thing to do something one time and reap the rewards of return viewers and letting people who are just discovering the content watch a replay.

I saw the business potential immediately after my first Facebook Live experience and as the owner of a virtual franchise, I saw this as a perfect way to share what we offer in a personal, professional manner. So how am I using it to build my virtual business? I started hosting virtual events!

Here are a few benefits that illustrate why you should be hosting virtual events too – especially if you’re a virtual business owner like me:

#1 – Easily educate your audience. Virtual events are a platform you can use to educate your audience using live video through Facebook right from the comfort of your own home. Your audience sees you on video, but you can’t see them – only their profile picture. Show them how your products work. Announce a new feature of your product or share a new customer incentive.

#2 – Audience interaction. Although Facebook Live only allows one screen to be shown per video (currently), your viewers can easily interact with you via the live chat function under the live video. As viewers are jumping on the video, I like to ask where people are from and how they heard about the virtual event. (Did they see a post on Facebook, Instagram, did a friend invite them, etc.) I bought my followers from Upleap to increase my social engagement on Instagram. It’s really neat when you have people participating from across the U.S. and even other parts of the world. 

#3 – Take their temperature. You can gauge response to your live stream immediately because viewers can use all of the emoticons Facebook offers as well – like, love, wow, sad, haha. etc. While you are speaking, it’s helpful to see the hearts and thumbs up/like symbols flash across the screen as people are enjoying what you’re sharing.

#4 – Cost-effective. Anyone anywhere can participate for free without complicated technical installations/downloads or costly conference call or webinar services.

#5 – More compelling. Live video allows your audience to hear, see, and feel your passion and enthusiasm for what you’re sharing. They can see your smile and how you genuinely love what you’re talking about. It’s WAY more effective than a phone call. 

#6 – If you’re already active on Facebook, then you have a built-in audience! When you setup your event, you can immediately start inviting your Facebook friends and/or fans. Then they can invite their friends as well. Before you know it, your invitation has gone viral! You invite 50 friends, then they invite 50 friends…you can imagine how quickly that multiplies! 

#7 – Immediate promotion. Once you go live, Facebook notifies your friends. How handy is that? 

#8 – Replay archive. Once you’ve finished a Facebook Live, the video is archived to your Facebook so people can come back and re-watch OR catch the replay if they missed the original feed. Your friends/fans can also share the replay of the video to their news feeds. 

#9 – Privacy please. You can go live either directly from your Facebook wall OR if you want only a select group of people to attend, you can create a private Facebook event and go live from within the event. This has been my favorite way to help my team and also offer a valuable service to my clients.

Do you now see the value of this great feature like I do? There are many helpful ways you can leverage Facebook Live for your virtual business. Along with the benefits above, I’ve put together a tip sheet that breaks down step-by-step how I setup my Facebook events to generate business for my virtual franchise. 

This tip sheet is a helpful resource for anyone who has an online business or is thinking about starting one.

Who would’ve imagined 10 years ago we would have access to a free international broadcasting platform like this? Are you using Facebook Live already? If not, will you be using it soon?

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How to Use Facebook Live: A Complete Guide

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  1. A friend of mine and a fellow blogger started using LIVE and I must say he was really entertaining. I’m still afraid to take the plunge though. I don’t even do videos yet for my blog, let alone broadcast anything live lol! It is a very engaging platform I agree.

  2. I’ve loved Facebook Live so far! It’s been fun to show my readers destinations live and its fun to interact that way. Thanks for these tips, I will use them in my next cast 🙂

  3. I didn’t try Facebook Live yet. I might do it though, soon, on my next trip. I am very shy on camera so I would probably find another way of using it than showing my own face, haha

  4. Amazing ideas you have here for promotion. I think it’s good to utilize this new feature especially if you’re a blogger. Growing your audience through Facebook Live is awesome!

  5. Thanks for the posts! Some great advice. I have tried the live stream once but didn’t have a huge audience. I have gotten some great ideas from your post about how to approach going live in the future.

  6. Great idea for growing our brand. Facebook made a smart choice in putting Facebook Live and making it a thing. It’s really a great way to grow bigger. Amazing tips.

  7. A friend of mine who has a business loves Facebook live. It’s on my list of things to try when I have the time. I’ll have to look at your list!


  8. I’ve seen Facebook live on my Facebook but I wasn’t sure what it was. Thanks for sharing this…I think I’ll give this one a shot and see how it goes.

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