5 things about eyelashes you probably didn’t know

facts-about-eyelashesI talk quite a lot about skincare and beauty tips around here because I love helping people feel more comfortable and confident in their skin.

One of the hottest areas in the beauty industry is eyelashes.

More and more people are getting eyelash extensions or Lash Fills to go with lenses or using prescription treatments for eyelash growth. More than 50% of women say mascara and lash tints from https://www.lashbombsalon.com are the cosmetics they can’t live without. Are you apart of that 50%? I sure am! 

Whether you pile on luscious layers of mascara like me or prefer they go nude, here are a few facts that will help you keep those lashes looking longer, fuller, and darker for years to come:

#1. We’re all born with a set amount of eyelash follicles. Although we can manipulate the look of our eyelashes, we can’t change the actual number of openings in the skin where lashes grow.

#2. Our eyelashes provide important protection. Those gorgeous, fragile hairs around our eyes help protect from dust, debris, sun, wind, and more.

#3. Eyelashes are constantly regenerating themselves. These precious hairs are in a continual state of growing, resting, shedding, and regrowing – a period that takes anywhere from 6 months to a year.

#4. Eyelashes become thinner over time. No, you’re not imagining things. The appearance of our eyelashes changes as we age. Additionally, those set amount of eyelash follicles can stop producing new lashes as the years pass.

#5. Most of us have around 100 lashes or so on the top eyelid and about half that amount on the bottom lid. Who knew? And is anyone actually counting? Besides, the amount doesn’t matter…what you do with what you have is what counts!

Now that you’re more informed about eyelashes and how we can show them a little more love, make sure you’re rocking the best lashes possible!

What if you could have lashes that were 100% real and 100% yours that looked like this in just 8 weeks?



Aren’t these results incredible? If you’ve been thinking about prescription treatments for lash growth or trying expensive eyelash extensions and would like to know more about the effective lash serum that’s helping me and thousands of other people experience longer-looking, fuller-looking, darker-looking lashes, shoot me a message. I’m glad to send you more info about it. 

What lash treatments are you using? Are you happy with the results? Have you tried any lash serums before? I’d love to hear what is and isn’t working for you!

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28 comments on “5 things about eyelashes you probably didn’t know

  1. I’ve considered using serums, but haven’t decided it’s worth it to fork out the money for them. I have friends who have used Latisse and it’s worked well for them. I also have friends who sell Rodan and Fields and they have an eyelash serum as well. Maybe one of these days I’ll give it a try. Until then, I just use a combination of lengthening and volumizing mascara.

  2. They definitely get sparser as you age. Mine are much thinner now than they were when I was younger. Overusing fake eyelashes tends to damage them, too.
    erin | sandsunandmessybuns.com

  3. I love getting to say that I learned something new today. Thanks for this, girlfriend! And can we please answer the age-old question of why boys get blessed with the thickest and most gorgeous full sets of lashes?? My little boys have lashes for days, while I’m sitting over here coating on the mascara! Go figure.

  4. i’m not that much of a beauty that worries about things like this, i take everything as normal. but girl your lashes looks amazing! very informative post about lashes that most, I dont know about.

  5. Wow! I never really pay attention to my eyelashes! Thanks for sharing these awesome information about our lashes. I’ve never tried treatments to make them longer or thicker.

  6. Wow, I am super impressed with the results! That is amazing to have that kind of growth in only 5 weeks. I’ll be sure to recommend this article to a few of my friends 🙂

  7. I do hear a lot about eyelash extensions, but really don’t have much ideas about it. These facts about eyelashes are quiet interesting which I have really not thought much before. Particularly it scares me a bit to know that they will become small as we age!

  8. Very interesting, I didn’t know any of those things about eyelashes. Mine definitely need a little help, I have thought about using serums, but have sensitive eyes so I am hestitant.

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