The Olympic spirit – a reflection on drive, team spirit and succeeding in network marketing

Isn’t this a gorgeous image?! Talk about perfect timing.

I do enjoy the Olympics…although, I’m really not a sports fan. You’ll figure that out pretty quickly if we attempt a sports-related conversation. I do, however, admire the drive, passion and tenacity it takes to be successful in a sport. Not only are athletes focused on an individual level, but they’re focused on working together as a team.… Click to read the rest.

Motivational Monday: An entrepreneur’s prayer

I’ve been following Joan Stewart (The Publicity Hound) in some form or fashion for several years now. ¬†She offers smart, simple tips for publicizing your business via traditional public relations strategies and new media as well. As I was catching up on my blog reading over the weekend, I came across a post of hers that really resonated with me and wanted to share with you.… Click to read the rest.

Motivational Monday: You can do anything, but not everything.

Sad, I know. That means choices must be made. Choices can be difficult. And ultimately, when it comes to choosing priorities for your business or life, in general, you are the chief decision maker.

It’s easy to get “shiny object” syndrome and want to jump at everything that appears to benefit us personally or feed our businesses.… Click to read the rest.

Motivational Monday: Needing a dose of hope?

I’ve been a Jim Rohn fan for several years now. When I went to a training event for Rodan and Fields consultants a few years ago, we all were given one of his CD trainings called “Building Your Network Marketing Business“. I’ve listened to this training many times and always come away with new nuggets of wisdom.… Click to read the rest.

Discovering your purpose

While recently perusing the Twitterverse, I stumbled upon this tweet from Chris Brogan:

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I’ve been following Chris via social media for several years. He’s a content and relationship marketing expert whom I really admire. If you’re not following him, click the above tweet and stay connected with what he shares.… Click to read the rest.

Network marketing – The top 3 reasons why people fail in our industry

Network marketing is a solid business model that can make anyone a very wealthy person, regardless of age, experience, location, ethnicity, gender or education. Of course, there are many factors that attribute to the success or failure of a network marketing or direct selling business. Here are a few of the key reasons why people fail in this industry:

1) Poor training.Click to read the rest.

Reminiscing of Andy Griffith’s Mayberry – building a solid personal brand and leaving a legacy

When I heard Andy Griffith passed away this morning, my heart sank and my eyes nearly welled up with tears. See, Andy Griffith was a prominent fixture in my childhood. Both of my parents grew up watching The Andy Griffith Show, so of course when TV Land started re-running episodes when I was a child, we hardly ever watched anything else.… Click to read the rest.