Major milestone achieved! Bye bye student loan!


Not only is it Friday…but it’s also my student loan payoff day!! That’s right, we’ve just made the FINAL payment on my student loan!! Yippee!

I have been counting down the days until I could say IT’S PAID OFF!! I’m so thankful for the internships and jobs I’ve had along the way…and I’m especially thankful for my virtual business.… Click to read the rest.

What I learned at Social Media Day 2014


Mashable’s fifth annual Social Media Day was last week – Monday, June 30th. If you’re not familiar with the concept, learn more about it here. This year’s local celebration in Franklin, TN was hosted at the Franklin Theatre located on our historic Main Street.

It was presented by the Williamson County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and featured a fabulous panel of social media professionals.… Click to read the rest.

Proud to be a Daughter (of the American Revolution)

History has been an interesting subject to me for many years. I grew up in a house full of Native American artifacts, World War II memorabilia and old stamps – all interests of my father. The stories behind many of these items fascinated me. Many of them were passed down to my dad, so not only was I curious about the items themselves, but also the people they came from.… Click to read the rest.

Community impact series kickoff – Leaving a legacy


Community involvement and volunteerism are hugely important to me. I’ve descended from a long line of individuals who have planted deep roots in their communities and positively impacted the people around them. I am so thankful for this rich heritage and feel called to do the same. This is what we’re put on the earth to do – serve others and make the world a better place.… Click to read the rest.

Entrepreneur interview with Devin DeVasquez, owner of DevRonn Enterprises

The Internet has made the world MUCH smaller and, for me, has been the catalyst for many friendships that have led to new business partnerships, clients and all-around great collaboration with people I otherwise likely never would have met…including this amazing woman I’ve had the privilege of interviewing today!

Devin DeVasquez and I connected online earlier this year and discovered we have many common interests – specifically, beauty and empowering women.… Click to read the rest.