How and why our behavior affects the aging process

behavior affects how we ageIn my last post we learned that only 20% of how we age is affected by our genes. In short, how we live and behave matters. How gracefully (or not so gracefully) we age is largely dependent on daily decisions pertaining to sun, sleep, and overall health.

So what does this mean and how do we make the most of that 80% in our control?

First, it’s important to realize there are TWO types of aging processes:

INTRINSIC AGING is all about our DNA and how we are each uniquely programmed to age over time. This is the 20% we can attribute to Mother Nature.

EXTRINSIC AGING is related to environmental and lifestyle choices. This type of aging is what’s 80% in our own control. The picture to the above right is a great example.

Supposedly the woman on the left is an Aztec farm worker in her 50’s. Difficult to believe, right? Regardless of her true age, she looks ancient. Years of stress and lack of sun protection have accumulated as deep set wrinkles. The 80-year-old man, however, is a monk who has avoided the sun and practiced meditation. These decisions have kept his skin from showing virtually any signs of environmental aging.

The good news is, you don’t have to live like a monk to keep your skin looking good at 80. Healthy habits and right right skincare routine are your best tools for looking young at any age.

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That’s all for today, friend! I have lots more tips and insight to share, so visit again soon for my next post!

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