Feed your face: 3 reasons kale is great for your skin

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Over the last year, I’ve really taken a liking to kale. Some of my friends really like this super green superfood, while others seem to detest it, so it took me awhile to embrace the leafy green goodness. After stumbling across a few recipes involving nuts and dried fruit with a delish homemade dressing, however, it’s become one of my favorite salad base choices.

Not only does kale make our bodies happy, but our skin loves it too!

Here are three reasons why kale should be a part of everyone’s skin regimen:

Kale is chock full of Vitamin K. Not only does this help diminish those bags under your eyes, but it also tightens skin and stabilizes good circulation, which helps you keep your healthy glow.

Kale has properties that diminish inflammation and also includes sulfur, which decreases red and/or flaky skin. Because of this, kale can assist in decreasing swelling and scarring that may occur after medical procedures.

Kale also contains lutein, a carotenoid that encourages collagen production. Collagen is vital to keeping skin’s strength and smooth, full appearance.

As you can see, kale can be a major asset to your beauty routine! Remember, what you put in your face is equally as important as what you put on your face. A good diet combined with clinically-proven skincare will help you maintain your healthy glow for years to come!

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