Print is vitally important for any integrated marketing campaign. Print ads can be more powerful than many banner ads because they can lead users to a retailer’s website or give them the option to get in touch via the website. Print can also be especially important for brands looking to reach women (for example, when the woman in the ad has no interest in buying).

The Importance of Print Materials in Completing Your Brand - Small Dog Creative Blog

According to online printing companies like MyCreativeShop, banners are much better than print for both small businesses and larger brands with a print footprint. However, print ads can also be more effective than banners for smaller companies that do not have a print media budget.

The most effective way to incorporate your print campaign in your marketing is to provide a copy of the banner with your email. This will help guide potential customers and lead them to the print copy of your email.

In order to create a successful print advertisement, brands aim to find an emotive response in the viewer. According to an article from the University of Southern California, advertisers and marketers aim to achieve an emotive response by using one of two common techniques. The first technique is to achieve an emotional response to an advertisement by appealing to the viewer through the use of an image that is of emotional value in the individual’s personal life, such as an image of an elderly person. The second technique is to use creative skills to impress the viewer, such as bold colors for your ad’s font.

If you are not sure if print media is the right approach for your business, you should take time to listen to what the academic institutions are saying. Ball State University published an article about the importance of print media in the digital age; in their article, they discuss how print advertisements are considered more trustworthy by consumers. The notion that a company actually went through the process of typing information and printing it out makes the consumer feel more comfortable about buying from the company. Consider how newspapers and magazines you see in the grocery store seem more authoritative than all the ads from random websites that you experience online.

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