You are beautiful

I’ve followed Peter Shankman for several years now. Because of my PR background, I’ve always respected his storytelling skills and his ingenious ways for connecting with and engaging people. When he posted this video recently, I had to share here. Take the 90 seconds and watch the video.

Beauty isn’t about makeup, wardrobe or a trendy new accessory. As a woman, by default, you’re beautiful. Don’t ever let an advertisement tell you you’re not. Thanks for sharing this message, Peter.

With the continual onslaught of advertising messages I think society tends to have a warped perception of beauty…particularly the younger generation. As someone who grew up with terrible skin issues, I thought I had to cover my face with heavy foundation, concealer and powder to be accepted. As I got older and developed a stronger self-confidence, however, I realized I didn’t need those things to be beautiful. Granted, clearer skin will make anyone feel more beautiful…but I define beauty as a quiet, self-assuredness…How do you define beauty? Please share below!


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