Why you should be on Google+

When I initially heard about Google+, I groaned. I have a Twitter account. I’m on Facebook and manage a fan page. I’m on Pinterest, Delicious, Foursquare and who knows where else.¬†The last thing I wanted was one more social network to keep up with.

When a gal pal I’m connected with over at The Awesome Women Hub offered to send me a Google+ invite, however, I’ll admit, I was curious enough to accept her offer.

I setup my account and browsed around the Google+ site. Wow. Many things to learn. I was somewhat pessimistic and not very enthused about learning and managing a new network.

After a few weeks of watching others, researching and contemplation, I decided to set aside some time and make an honest effort to get more acquainted with Google+ and, I have to say, it started to grow on me.

My Google+ account is still very new and I’m not an expert by any means. (With the constant changes and tweaking of social media, be wary of anyone who tells you they’re a social media expert…) I am still getting acquainted with features and look forward to experimenting with the Google+ Hangouts feature. (Hangouts allow up to 10 people to video chat for free.)

Just get started…

My current verdict regarding Google+ is that, at the very least, you should setup a profile and take a bit of effort to learn it. While Google has created a few duds in the past (Buzz, Wave, etc.), Google is king when it comes to content and this new network has attracted more than 15 million users thus far.

When a customer is searching for you online, you want them to find you. This is one more (free!) online medium where you can post information about yourself and your business…and since it’s owned by Google, your + profile should rank highly when someone searches your name. (When I was logged out of Google+, my profile was the 8th listing on page 1 when I searched for my name.)

Do your research:

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These sites really helped me:

How to Migrate Your Facebook Account and Data to Google+
Googele Plus Directory – Find people on Google+

So are you on Google+? Love it? Hate it? Undecided? Please share your opinion! And nonetheless, I’d love to be added to one of your circles.

Not on Google+? Let me know. I have plenty of invites to share.

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