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Multi-level marketing is often misunderstood…which is funny to me, because this business model has been around for many, many years. (Even Bill Gates endorses it!) Running any business can be a confusing, emotional or challenging experience at times. But isn’t buying a house? Or having a baby? Yet people still do those things quite often. And in the end, amidst those small challenges, the journey is all worth it.

Truly, MLM is the most genius business model on the planet, in my opinion. Here are just a few reasons why I LOVE multi-level marketing and why you should explore it:

1) The career you can create. Thanks to my MLM business, I now have freedom to choose where I work, when I work and with whom I work. Some days I work from a coffee shop and others I’m in my home office being productive in my PJs. I’ve even worked from the beach before! I can be super flexible with the time I work. Some days I’ll work straight from 8am-5pm. Others I’ll work an hour in the morning, run a handful of errands throughout the middle of the day and then work another hour or two in the evening before shutting everything down for the day and spending time with family or friends. The people I work with are some of the most passionate, driven people I’ve ever met. They have big goals, won’t settle for mediocrity and have big hearts for others.

2) The lives  you can touch. Not only has this network marketing business changed our lives in a number of ways…it’s given us the ability to do the same for others. Unlike Corporate America where only one or two people are promoted…with network marketing, everyone wins. There’s no point in anyone trying to outshine or outdo anyone else, because there’s truly no competition. If anything, you’re in competition with yourself to keep doing better and better each month. It’s such a rewarding business model. There are millions of people struggling in the world. Networkers can help people dream again – giving hope to the hopeless, inspiring others to face and overcome fears. When this business was shared with me three years ago, I never imagined how my life would change for the better and how it would be a catalyst to help others do the same.

3) The causes you can support. The world is full of wonderful organizations and groups who can only operate based on big hearts and generous donations. Perhaps you simply want to give to your family, a friend or give more to your church. Maybe there’s a non-profit that really pulls on your heart strings. Network marketing can be the vehicle to help you do that.

4) The person you become throughout the process. In the end…it’s about the journey as much as the destination. While I was a successful, driven individual three years ago, I’ve become a much more focused, intentional person who leads with a servant attitude. Three years ago I didn’t have an “envisioned future”…I simply had dreams…and I wasn’t doing anything to move towards them. Today I have daily goals, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. It’s incredible to watch yourself move closer and closer to a big accomplishment. This career has truly transformed me in a number of ways that I’m very thankful for.

If you’re remotely skeptical about direct selling, network marketing or multi-level marketing, I encourage you to continue educating yourself. No, this industry isn’t for everyone, however, anyone who is driven, passionate, coachable and willing to learn the system will succeed with this model…and can then enjoy the incredible benefits I shared above. This industry does not discriminate for education, age, background, experience, race, location, etc. I really can’t think of a better gig.

Have a question about network marketing? Want more information on the industry? Not sure where to start? Let’s have a conversation.

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