What’s your work-life “fit”?

When an article from The Huffington Post titled “Supermoms At Higher Risk For Depression” came across my newsfeed earlier this week, I was intrigued to read it.

The basic gist of the piece is that ultimate happiness depends on managing attitudes and expectations. While I’m not a parent yet…and don’t plan to start a family for another few years…I did pull a few pieces of wisdom that I felt were applicable to my life and career and wanted to share with you as well.

1) Find your work-life fit. While “balance” can be a guilt word, “fit” implies that all of our commitments and desires are different. What “fits” for me may not “fit” for you. See if you can find one task or project where you can improve for a better work-life fit.

2) Try a two item to-do list. This is probably my favorite tip from the whole article. Many of us go through our day and then by noon we realize a fraction of our to-do list hasn’t been accomplished…we add a few more missing tasks and then, before we know it, we’ve overwhelmed ourselves with a “50 things I’m going to do” list, rather than having a more simple, more realistic list. Instead, we should devise much shorter lists. “Two things I can accomplish and then, maybe I’ll get to the third.” Sometimes you feel like you have to do it all, then you’re exhausted by work projects and you’re worn out by home projects, rather than being present and happy in the moment.

3) Manage and adjust expectations. Coming to terms with reality and properly aligning expectations is half the battle. Narrowly focusing on unrealistic goals and expectations will only further your feelings of guilt or unhappiness.

How do you feel about this article and this tips? I think these guidelines apply to all professional women, mother or not. More productivity tips on the way. 🙂 Have a fabulous Friday, friends!

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1 comment on “What’s your work-life “fit”?

  1. I seldom have balance, I love the use of fit instead. I also think that while a short list is not possible for me work wise, I think 2 life/work fit goals would be good. (Ex: read an extra book with the girls, fingerprint a pic, etc.)

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