My top 4 favorite manicure styles

For any of the men who follow my blog, I apologize in advance…today’s topic is pretty girly. If anything, perhaps it will be a tad enlightening for you. 🙂

It seems as if everywhere I turn nearly every day, there is a “new, up and coming beauty trend”. Donning feathers in one’s hair, blingy nail jewelry and bejeweled lashes…just to name a few.

As someone who enjoys trying new beauty products, but who also desires to be simple, chic and professional over trendy and cutting edge, I thought I’d share a quick round up of my favorite manicure styles.


(Clockwise starting from the top left)

Going dark without going goth: This shade is Zoya “Storm”. I’ve always avoided super dark nail colors because I didn’t want to look too edgy or “emo”. When I came across this black nail polish with holographic glitter, however, I had to give it a whirl. It’s become of my favorite shades and I’ve found that I actually like branching out with darker colors – especially in the cooler months.

Classic red: This is one shade EVERY woman needs in her nail polish collection. You can’t go wrong with a classic red polish. This color is Zoya “Carmen”. I’m guessing it’s named for Carmen Miranda, perhaps? Red goes with everything and you can’t help but feel classy when you’re sporting perfectly manicured bright red nails.

Sparkled French manicure: I love the simplicity of a French manicure. When I came across this sparkly shade from Sinful Colors called “Charmed”, however, my first inclination was to use it for a French manicure. Isn’t it so elegant? Looks like you’ve just dipped the whites of your nails in glitter. I get SO many compliments on this one and it’s super easy!

Jump aboard the texture train: As with everything in the beauty and fashion world, trends come and go. When I first heard about the textured nail polish trend, I figured it would be a short fad. Nothing about it sounded appealing to me, other than the fact that most brands don’t encourage a base coat or top coat – that’s definitely a positive. I skeptically purchased this color, promising myself I would return immediately if I was not happy. This shade is OPI Liquid Sand in “What Wizardry Is This?” and I’m happy to say that, not only did I not return it…but I’ve purchased several other textured colors since then! If you’ve not tried OPI’s Liquid Sand or Zoya’s Pixie Dust line, I highly encourage you to give ‘em a try. They dry quickly and the durability is great.

Not only is beauty a personal interest of mine, but being in the skin health and beauty business, many of my clients are interested in this topic too. I look forward to sharing more tips, studies and trends in future posts.

Do you have a favorite nail polish style or trend? I’d love to hear about it!

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