Direct selling infographic: A history of empowering dreams

The direct selling industry has been thriving for many years. I recently came across this infographic from NetSteps and was compelled to share here. Many think this industry was established in the 50’s and 60’s with the growing popularity of party plans, but as you can see from the dates and statistics below, the direct sales arena has been an attractive method of business ownership since the early days of America’s Founding Fathers.… Click to read the rest.

Network Marketing 101: Start-up costs for your business


Since I started my virtual business in 2009, I’ve spoken with A LOT of people. (Read my story here.) My business is a hybrid of direct sales and network marketing. (Not sure what the difference is? Check out my overview here.) Anyway…over the years, I’ve been asked a number of great questions regarding my company, the industry, etc.Click to read the rest.

3 tips for making the shift from employee to entrepreneur

Business-Guru_Kesavan[image credit]

Between 2009 and 2011, I made the shift from employee to entrepreneur. I was young, broke, just a few years out of college, working full-time and amidst wedding planning as I was in the process of marrying the man of my dreams.

More and more people are asking how I made this transition to being fully self-employed, so I’d like to offer a few key tips for those of you desiring to take your side business or hobby from passion to profitability.… Click to read the rest.

A story to share…

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Stories empower. Stories heal. Stories create change.

I’m eager to get back on the blogging bandwagon here and share more stories – about beauty, community, business and more. Every now and then I’ll be sprinkling in some tips and ideas as well about those same topics. In addition, my industry (network marketing/direct sales/MLM) tends to be misunderstood, so I feel compelled to educate others about the power behind this business model and empower those who already with a company or considering one.… Click to read the rest.