The Olympic spirit – a reflection on drive, team spirit and succeeding in network marketing

Isn’t this a gorgeous image?! Talk about perfect timing.

I do enjoy the Olympics…although, I’m really not a sports fan. You’ll figure that out pretty quickly if we attempt a sports-related conversation. I do, however, admire the drive, passion and tenacity it takes to be successful in a sport. Not only are athletes focused on an individual level, but they’re focused on working together as a team. I truly believe this is key. Doing the best you can do and surpassing your goals on an individual level benefits the entire team.

This is what it takes to succeed in a business like mine. Yes, you can make a great living on your own by building a solid client base of people who love our results-driven products. To truly succeed, however, you must elevate others. When you are laser-focused on your individual goals, yet equally as focused on your teammates goals…you will be unstoppable. And the beautiful thing is…everyone wins.

Unlike Corporate America where only one raise is given…one promotion is offered…one person is elevated. In network marketing, we all win. One’s success is everyone’s success. And now I can’t imagine doing business any other way.

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Oh…and GO TEAM U.S.A.!


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