Motivational Monday: Needing a dose of hope?

I’ve been a Jim Rohn fan for several years now. When I went to a training event for Rodan and Fields consultants a few years ago, we all were given one of his CD trainings called “Building Your Network Marketing Business“. I’ve listened to this training many times and always come away with new nuggets of wisdom.

In the above video clip, Rohn talks about “the day that turns your life around”. I LOVE what he has to say. Regardless of what your profession is, I promise you’ll be inspired by his message. Here’s a recap with some of my personal insight…

The day that turns your life around.

1) The day you’re disgusted by something. While disgust is a negative emotion, it can have a very positive and powerful effect. Disgust says…I’ve had it! And the day you say “enough is enough”…that’s a life-changing day. When the company I was employed by had a second round of layoffs, that was the day I’d had enough pessimism and uncertainty. I’d had it…so I did something about it. I started a side business. And while it started as Plan B…it very soon became Plan A…and after a short time, allowed me to quit my job and focus on my growing network marketing business.

2) The day you decide. Cleaning up a list of decisions you’ve been contemplating for years can dramatically change your present set of circumstances. No matter how large or small the decision, simply deciding to take action on something is a game-changer. Most won’t. Most people settle…sitting complacently in a career they dislike with a network of people they hardly know.  The day you decide is the day you will start seeing change. They say “seek and ye shall find”. Well, when I decided I wanted new options for my career, a brilliant business was shared with me…and that decision to act on the information I was given truly changed the trajectory of my career and our family’s future.

3) The day you follow your desire – when you want something so badly you finally pursue it. Sometimes desire waits for a trigger. It waits for something to happen – lyrics from a song, a line from a movie, a note from a sermon, a book, experience, etc. Welcome all experiences. You never know which experience is going to arouse that particular desire and make you unstoppable. Don’t put up the walls. The same wall that keeps out disappointment keeps out happiness. While the downsizing at my former employer was a terrible experience…I’m thankful for the “swift kick” it gave me to realize no job is secure. The only way to ensure one’s job is to hire yourself…because in that regard, the only way to fail is to quit.

4) Resolve. Resolve says “I will”. It means promising yourself you’ll never give up. Keep going…until. Keep trying until…your skills change. Keep going to seminars until…you develop the skill you desire. Just keep going however long “until” is. Book by book, block by block, person by person, experience by experience. Until you learn, change, grow, become. The only way to get where you want to be is to commit to risking, failing, learning and improving. When a baby is learning to walk, that baby doesn’t quit trying after the first, 10th or 100th fall. The baby keeps going. We don’t tell babies to quit. We encourage them…knowing they can learn if they just keep trying. The same goes for any other skill you want to learn or project you want to  push forward. I know that what I do is not going to be a fit for everyone, but that doesn’t mean I stop sharing or become negative when someone declines my invitation to explore what my business offers. I believe in our product line, the award-winning business system we’re honored to use and, ultimately, I believe in my ability to appropriately share what this business allows us to give to others…hope.

So what do you think about what Jim Rohn shares in the video above?

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