Ladies Nashville First Wednesday – Work/life balance panel

This past Wednesday I had the honor of participating on a panel with three other fabulous Nashville women hosted by Ladies Nashville. Our topic for the evening was work/life balance. Our moderator was Andrea Thompson who is also the director of Ladies Nashville.


What an energetic discussion we had! For some of the “tweetable” moments from the panel, I highly encourage you to check out their Twitter feed and make sure to like them on Facebook too.

Andrea prepped us with a handful of great questions around this topic. I’m including a couple of those questions, along with my personal responses below. In addition, earlier this week, I posted on Facebook that I would be on this panel and requested that friends chime in with their insight. My, how they replied! That post initiated some great responses. I’m sharing those tips on here tomorrow, so make sure you come back then!

Okay…so here are some of Andrea’s questions and my responses:

Can you tell us 3 specific things that you do that help you to create and achieve balance?

1) Do something for myself.

2) Do something for others. (non-business related)

3) Prioritize my day.

What is your morning routine like and how does that affect your day?

I start every day with 30-90 minutes of quiet time which consists of devotional reading, Bible study, prayer/reflection time. While this was initially a difficult habit to create, now I can hardly pull myself away from it. I crave this time and can always tell a difference when I miss it. If you’ve not read “Ordering Your Private World”, I highly recommend it. As the saying goes “If you do not go within, you go without.”

What role do you think self-care plays in a healthy, balanced life?

Self-care is extremely important because if we’re not taking care of ourselves, we can’t take care of those around us. Many people…especially women, tend to feel selfish about this. Don’t. We are the only ones who can and will put ourselves first.

Do you agree? Disagree with anything here? I’d love to know your tips too!

Okay…so Tuesday I posed this question on my Facebook profile – “What is one tip you have for achieving work/life balance? I’m speaking on a panel tomorrow evening about this. I plan to post my talking points over on, but would love your insight on tools/tips/practices you have for maintaining balance…what works for you?”

This question generated about 21 responses! I’m blessed to know some super intelligent people and their insight was so valuable, I’m sharing each of those 21 tips here tomorrow. So make sure to come back then.

Do you have a specific strategy for maintaining balance in your personal/professional life? Tell me about it below!

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