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Hello and happy Wednesday, friends! We’re going to have some straight up, heart-to-heart talk about a very important subject today. FAITH.

Although I do consider this a “business” blog, I also consider this my personal space where I can share personal experiences, thoughts and beliefs. So today’s chat about faith isn’t going to be a surfacy, “you need to have faith in yourself” (which is important), conversation.

Today we’re going to talk about faith on a deeper level and I want to share a snippet of my own personal faith walk with you. I think you’ll see why this is an area I’ll be addressing more and more as we move forward.


If you’ve read my story, you know I’ve been running my network marketing business for just over three years now. My first year in business was a HUGE year of learning and growth. I’d started this business alongside my full-time job, while also planning our wedding…so I had to be VERY strategic with my time. My employer had started down-sizing, so I saw this as a great Plan B and that’s what pushed me to get this going.

My second year in business was the year my husband and I committed to creating an exit strategy from my job so I could solely focus on growing this business. Again, this was another HUGE year of growth and personal development. I was seeing radical changes in my business and knew that with continued effort, I would be able to fully pursue my desire of self-employment. Mid-way through this second year in business, I gave my two weeks notice at my job and fully entered the world of entrepreneurship.

This last September marked the close of my 3rd year in business. As I reflect on this last calendar year…it was, yet again, an enormous year of growth. I’m not who I was this time last year. And when I say that, I mean that I feel I’m a better, improved person. What’s changed? Where I put my faith.

This is where we need to rewind a bit. See, I was raised with an “I can do anything” attitude. My parents are incredible people who raised me in a loving environment and instilled unlimited belief in me. They were always fair, disciplined me accordingly and passed on high values and morals to me. Although I attended church services somewhat regularly as a kid, the whole God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, faith thing always confused me. It wasn’t until I went to a youth summer camp that I started to wrap my mind around faith, forgiveness, etc. It was at this summer camp that I accepted Christ and was baptized the following week.

Now, of course, this was a very exciting time for me, however, I was also still very young and confused. I knew that I’d been “saved”, but I still didn’t fully understand what that meant or what this “daily walk” was supposed to look like. So, for the next several years…on into my teenage years and even into early adulthood…while I’ve always held myself to high standards and “done unto others as I would have them do unto me”…I certainly wasn’t maintaining a daily relationship with God or partaking in any “daily bread” from the Bible. My life was all compartmentalized into separate boxes. I checked off my “God box” for the week on Sunday mornings when I would attend church. Then throughout the week I would check off my “business box” as I would make calls and schedule meetings. Next I would check off my “husband box” when he and I would do dinner and a movie. And so on.

Now, this brings us to Summer of 2012. A few things happened that both personally and professionally utterly confused me. Looking back, I realized this was God saying “Hey Krista. I’m in control here. Why don’t you turn to me for counsel? You seem to turn everywhere else but to me.” Situation after situation, I realized God was slowly and gracefully drawing me to Him. And it was at this point that it hit me…what I have isn’t mine. It’s His. And even this business…I’ve done it on my own for so long…but He can do more in two seconds than I could ever imagine doing in two lifetimes.

I will tell you…since I’ve given it all over to Him, committed to a daily quiet time (which consists of a brief inspirational devotional reading, a few Bible scriptures, reflection, prayer and listening) and simply acted on faith, some miraculous things have happened. Things are occurring that I truly never could have done on my own. In the past I was a closet Christian. I kinda knew what I believed…but not enough to really share it with anyone. Now, I’m not saying I have all the answers…not at all…but now I know who does and I’m not afraid to ask Him…or encourage someone to ask Him.

Whatever your beliefs, your background or upbringing, I truly believe life all boils down to one thing. Love and service. We must love and serve others, just as we love and serve ourselves. That’s why we were created.

And you…you were created with a purpose way larger than anything you can imagine. So whatever your dream or desire is…it’s there for a reason. You need to explore it. Step out in faith and God will meet you there. I have and He has.

persevere under trial

In closing, I hope my VERY condensed faith journey thus far has inspired you. In the coming weeks and months, I will be sprinkling in more and more bits of wisdom and inspiration, scripture that has encouraged me and will be sharing more about this great guy named Jesus that I’m finally building a relationship with. He’s been chasing me for awhile. 🙂

Make sure you come back on Friday for this week’s W.O.W. interview series. I’ll be introducing Kia Jarmon, owner of The MEPR Agency. You’ll be inspired! Until next time…have a wonderful day!









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