I’m starting a daily video accountability challenge

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvVMK_AG740′]

Building a business requires A TON of personal accountability. It also requires a fair amount of discipline, drive and overall motivation to make things happen. I recently came across another fellow network marketer who was inspired by another networker to begin a daily video accountability challenge. I thought this was brilliant and decided to follow suit. I think there’s SO much we can learn from each other…both from our successes and our lessons learned.

So…I’m committing to doing 1 brief video every week day for the next 90 days. Here is video #1…Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow along. I’m glad to say I’m also jumping back on the blogging bandwagon…YAY! So…stay tuned for a majorly overdue update, more W.O.W. interviews and inspiration for leaving a mark on the people and world around you…Until tomorrow!

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