How do I keep my business moving forward? By becoming a productivity ninja…

A common response I hear from those in my industry or other business owners in general is “I just don’t have enough time” to do…[fill in the blank].

Here’s the thing. We all have the same amount of time in our days. It’s not a matter of having enough time…it’s a matter of not choosing to make the time to work towards things you’ve said are important. (Remember one of my recent posts? “You can do anything, but not everything…”) If you’ve set a few key priorities and then organize your time and energy around those priorities…you will see results!

Take a moment to watch this brief video and join me in becoming a productivity ninja! Who’s with me?!

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Krista Dial

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2 comments on “How do I keep my business moving forward? By becoming a productivity ninja…

  1. Hi Krista – Thanks for sharing the video. Question, if you could do only one thing to improve your overall productivity what would that action be?

  2. Hi Brett. Thanks for your question. My one thing I could improve would probably be keeping only one or two tabs open in my browser at a time. I have a tendency to keep all of my social media, email and any things I’m working on all open at the same time and I get easily distracted. When I keep it down to only what I need at the moment…I’m much more focused and productive. How about you?

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