HootSuite unveils new “suggested content” feature

HootSuite is my absolute favorite social media management dashboard. Sure, there are others, but HootSuite’s ease of use, reporting, price point and ability to manage multiple accounts have won me over.

Today, however, they’ve unveiled a brand new feature (one that, albeit, has been available via other social media management platforms for quite sometime now…) that makes me exceptionally happy. HootSuite has launched a “suggested content” feature! Woohoo! What does that mean?

Well, you know how Monday gets here and one of your weekly priorities is to schedule 3-4 social media updates per day for about a week out, but due to time constraints, emails, phone calls and so forth, that priority ends up falling by the wayside? Not anymore.


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With HootSuite’s suggested content feature, you can enter up to 3 topics (i.e. business, beauty, health, etc.) and HootSuite will scour the web for the latest news and blog posts relating to the 3 topics you enter. In addition, it even creates a posting schedule for you! You can edit the posts before they’re published so you can add hashtags or make it more conversational.

Why am I SO excited? Because this task would normally take me an hour or so…finding great content, writing the update and scheduling it.  Using this feature, it took less than 30 minutes!! Definitely a winner in my book!

Now, remember…the key to social media is engagement. Social media is not a one-way street. Sharing great content is important, but re-tweeting/re-posting/commenting/liking others’ content is equally important. This new feature reduces the time it takes to source and schedule content, which means I now have a bit more time available to engage with others and that’s most certainly a good thing!

Learn more about all the bells and whistles of this new feature over on the HootSuite blog.

Are you using a social media management program? If so, why did you choose the one you use?

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