Entrepreneur Insight: Interview series re-launching THIS Wednesday!

When I started my blog in 2010, I knew I wanted to inspire others, but I’ll admit…I lacked some vision. As I’ve grown my business since then, thankfully my vision has gained clarity. Had it not been for the inspiring entrepreneurs around me, I don’t know that I would have made the leap into launching my business, nor would I have likely believed I could do it.

It’s because of the stories of many brilliant business owners that I faced my fears and decided the reward was worth the risk. Some of these business owners I’m blessed to engage in life with on a fairly regular basis…some I’ve met only once…others I’ve yet to meet and have only read about online…but hope to meet one day, perhaps.

I’ve learned the power of our stories and have realized that so often we only hear stories at opposite sides of the spectrum – i.e. the stories of complete failure and utter disaster versus the stories of multi-million dollar overnight success. What about the stories in the middle of that spectrum? What about the average, every day successes? (i.e. The mom who starts a jewelry business to supplement her income and ends up being able to leave her job.) Those are still successes, right? For some reason we tend to overlook the “average” success stories and focus solely on the “doom and gloom” of failure and/or the “luck” it must have taken to “strike it rich”. In my opinion, more and more of those “every day, average” success stories need to be told because those are the stories that are going to truly inspire and motivate others to develop the courage to take the leap into entrepreneurship. So I’m on a mission to tell those stories.

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Last year I started an interview series called W.O.W., standing for Women Of Wisdom. I interviewed a small handful of other female entrepreneurs and shared their responses here. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep up the pace with the blog and with my business, so these interviews (and really my blog initiative, in general) fell by the wayside. Over the last several months, however, I’ve realized the importance of re-launching my blog and reviving this series. The savvy business owners I’m meeting need to be highlighted and their stories and insight MUST be heard.

With that said, I’m THRILLED to announce that my Entrepreneur Insight interview series will re-launch this Wednesday, starting with my fabulous friend, Sunny Fitz, owner of SUNNYband. Every Wednesday, I will be bringing you fresh, inspiring content from a fellow entrepreneur. In fact, I already have April’s interviews lined up and we’re scheduling into May! Yay! Isn’t it amazing how things move along when your vision is clear? 🙂




So mark your calendar and join me back here on Wednesday as I introduce you to Sunny and share her journey into entrepreneurship. I promise you’re going to leave inspired and ready to rock a SUNNYband!

I’m so blessed to do life with fabulous people like her and the individuals I’m going to be introducing you to over the coming weeks.

Tell me, who inspires you? Is there a special person in your life who has helped you develop your passion or move forward with a particular endeavor? I’d love to hear about him/her and the positive impact s/he has had on you.

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  1. Looking forward to your interviews!!! It’s always a pleasure working with you. I honestly don’t know who my inspiration is… everyone I guess. Myself, my parents, just a desire for success is inspiring enough for me. I know it’s a weird answer, but I just strive for success.

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