REVIEW: Easy at-home teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant! [PLUS GIVEAWAY!]

img_0756Happy November, friends! I’m very particular and protective with the information and content I share with you all. My blog is about helping you look and feel good, while also pulling back the curtain to show you how I’ve built a super profitable business online in just a few minutes a day. I don’t believe in sharing anything with you that I haven’t personally used and enjoy myself.

More and more each month, I’m approached by companies that want to pay me and/or let me use their product or service in exchange for posting an honest review here and sharing it with all of you. Ninety-percent of the time, I turn down these requests because they just don’t make sense, but every now and then a good match comes along and I’m compelled to learn more.

Enter Smile Brilliant!

Thankfully I was raised with good oral hygiene habits, however, I do love my daily cup of coffee (or two) and a glass of wine every now and then. I’ve always been pretty happy with the whiteness of my teeth, but given the option to improve it…I’m always interested to learn more!

Our family has used whitening tooth pastes and we’ve tried the whitening strips you can pick up from the drugstore. I’ve never been able to tell a difference with either of those…not to mention, the slimy-ness that comes with the strips is less than appealing, that’s why going with cosmetic dentists is also a good idea. They always wiggle around until they’re nearly hanging on for dear life at the edges of my teeth! On the other side of the spectrum…professional teeth whitening from my dentist hasn’t seemed worth the investment because I haven’t felt like I’ve needed it.

Ssmile-brilliant-krista-dial-4o why do I want to tell you about Smile Brilliant!?

Because Smile Brilliant! is EXACTLY what you’d experience from professional whitening services from the dentist at a FRACTION of the cost. Not only is it cheaper, but you can do it from the comfort of your home! Win-win! After speaking with them, I could hardly wait to get my Smile Brilliant! package. To get started, they send you a box of pastes and trays that are used to create the molds for your custom-fitted whitening trays. You also receive whitening and de-sensitizing gels as well, so your teeth don’t become overly sensitive after whitening.

Instructions for combining the base paste with the catalyst paste are included…and let me tell you, make sure to follow them exactly as instructed. I lost track of time and ended up spending too much time combining the paste, which made it harden before I could insert in the tray and bite down on it. Thankfully they anticipate these types of user errors and throw in an extra set of paste, just in case. 🙂 After a short time, my impressions were ready to be sent back to the lab to create my custom teeth whitening trays! These are The Benefits Of Invisalign Treatment for your dental care.



Once my impressions were shipped, I anxiously awaited the return of my custom trays. The turn-around time was quick…within 1-2 weeks! Here’s what they look like:



I’ve only gone through the teeth whitening process three times so far, but I’m already noticing quite a difference, particularly close to my gums. I think we can attribute that to the custom-fitted teeth whitening trays. Check out my results after just three rounds. My friends at Smile Brilliant! suggested I let you know that results vary and most people have to whiten 7-14 times before actually seeing an improvement.


My favorite part of this process? No slimy mess! After the whitening process was complete each time, I also went through a round of the de-sensitizing gel. My teeth haven’t been sensitive at all.

Overall, I’ve completely enjoyed the experience of using Smile Brilliant! teeth whitening trays and I’m so glad they contacted me about their product. I will never go back to using whitening strips again. There’s no need!

Check out these testimonials from other happy Smile Brilliant! clients and keep these things in mind before purchasing teeth whitening trays.

Danielle Mansutti is a fellow blogger who has had gorgeous results from this product. Make sure you watch her review here.


Smile Brilliant! is generously giving away one of their in-home professional custom teeth whitening systems to one of my incredible readers! All you have to do is click here to enter or click the banner below! Normally priced at $179.95, you can purchase your very own system for $119.95, PLUS my readers get a 5% discount! Just enter the coupon code: Dial786 when you checkout.

Professional Teeth Whitening

I can’t wait to find out who the lucky winner is! I hope it’s YOU! 🙂

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43 comments on “REVIEW: Easy at-home teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant! [PLUS GIVEAWAY!]

    • Thanks, Blair! I’ve definitely been pleased with the results and now just have to stay committed to using it so it keeps improving! 😉

    • Thanks a ton, Jessica! Girl, I’m a coffee drinker too! As I’ve been more consistent with whitening, it just keeps improving. Can’t recommend this product enough. If you give it a whirl, let me know how it works for you!

    • I’ve not heard anything about negative side effects. Only potential sensitivity…but it comes with a desensitizing gel. I haven’t had any issues and I’ve been using it for a while.

  1. I used to whiten my teeth, but after getting pregnant and then nursing I was concerned about the ingredients. Do you know what the ingredients are? My coffee has definitely caught up with my teeth 🙂

    • I’m an avid coffee and wine drinker too…truly impressed with my before/after and look forward to results after continued use!

  2. OMG, Krista! I need to look into this. I love my coffee and sometimes think drinking from a straw (cold brew or once it cools down) would help keep my teeth whiter than without a straw… but sometimes, you just gotta go in and whiten them. Will try this out!

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