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While recently perusing the Twitterverse, I stumbled upon this tweet from Chris Brogan:

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I’ve been following Chris via social media for several years. He’s a content and relationship marketing expert whom I really admire. If you’re not following him, click the above tweet and stay connected with what he shares. You won’t be sorry.

The blog post he shared was written by friend and co-author Julien Smith. They co-wrote a book called “Trust Agents”. (Which I’ve read…and also encourage you to read as well!) Anyway, I know anything these folks share will be valuable, so when they tweet, I pay attention. After reviewing this blog post from Julien, I thought it was great food for thought to share with you, so I’m going to recap a few of my favorite “thoughts for finding your purpose”:

1) Multi-tasking is futile. Doing even just 2 things at the same time means you’re likely not doing well with either one. For example, if I’m speaking with someone about a possible partnership with my business and they tell me they started up another direct selling or network marketing business 2 months ago, my recommendation would be to choose one and give it their full, honest attention. It takes a lot of time and energy to start any new project or business endeavor, so it would be self-sabotage to attempt launching two so closely. To see success, focus on one thing at a time.

2) Take some time every day to do absolutely nothing. Even if it’s just for a minute or two. Your mind and body will appreciate it and you will be able to give true focus to the task at hand.

3) Create a movement. What absolutely thrills you or gets your pulse racing when you think about it? Focus on something around that. Jump on and search for groups that relate to it. Don’t see one? Create a group! It’s your time to shine…and help others do the same.

4) Just slow down and focus. While the world is super fast-paced, that doesn’t mean you have to move fast. We’re an instant gratification society. We want everything NOW…or yesterday, even! Realize that all of our journeys are different. If you have your eyes on the prize, but the prize seems super far away…just keep going. It will come. You will be rewarded for walking the road less traveled.

As a final thought, I would like to ask you…

How will you use your purpose to make a difference in your family, neighborhood, community…the world? Life’s too short to follow anyone’s dreams and desires but your own. Realize that and you’re unstoppable.

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