Entrepreneur interview with Devin DeVasquez, owner of DevRonn Enterprises

The Internet has made the world MUCH smaller and, for me, has been the catalyst for many friendships that have led to new business partnerships, clients and all-around great collaboration with people I otherwise likely never would have met…including this amazing woman I’ve had the privilege of interviewing today!

Devin DeVasquez and I connected online earlier this year and discovered we have many common interests – specifically, beauty and empowering women.


Devin brings a number of really neat projects to the table and I’m excited to share some of her story with you. Starting with the basics, Devin launched DevRonn Enterprises in Thousand Oaks, CA in 2008. Through DevRonn Enterprises, she offers Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning, the DevRonn blog and Woman to Woman, a website devoted to health, beauty, fashion and charity. Her target customers and readers are women ages 18-65. Find Devin online here…

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Now, let’s get to the questions! Devin, you have such a multi-faceted career – author, entrepreneur, realtor, journalist, chef, party planner, pinup model and actress. Tell us about what led you to the different areas within your career, what components you most focus on on a daily basis and why.

I have a very full and productive lifestyle that includes giving back to our community and living out my purpose of helping other women. My book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty” has led me now to do speaking engagements for women’s empowerment groups. I focus on keeping life in balance, which is the essence of what I teach from that book. I strive to keep my life in balance regarding living a healthy lifestyle and I contribute to areas of that on my website.

Many people struggle with work/life balance. How do you balance it all – in addition to being a mom and stepmom too?

I put a bit of energy into each area on a daily basis. I try to eat healthy, exercise, devote time to my friends and family, give back to our community, focus on my passions and keep our home and finances balanced.

What do you think holds people back from starting a business or going after a goal or dream?

Not doing what they love and having no focus on their goals.

What struggle have you encountered in your endeavors and how did you overcome it?

I have always been good at making goals and focusing on them until they are completed before moving on to more goals. Losing focus is the biggest challenge because of so many ups and downs in life.  I had a health challenge and had to have a hysterectomy due to a cancer scare last year, so some of my goals were put on hold for a while, but I’m happily back on track now.

You’re a very energetic, passionate individual. What is it about what you do that makes you excited to jump out of bed and seize whatever is on your calendar/task list for the day?

The goals I set for myself are things I’m passionate about and things I’d like to make happen, so each day is adding to those goals and the process is exciting.

If someone is thinking about starting a business, what is the first thing you would tell him or her?

Do it! Research online if there is a market for what you’re passionate about doing and just do it!

Are you involved with any community outreach / non-profit organizations? If so, tell us about it/them and why you got involved.

I’m involved in animal rescue because animals are such innocent creatures and help www.shelterhopepetshop.com a lot and we also give part of our proceeds from Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning to help victims of natural disasters as it was born out of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina and my home state of Louisiana.

How do you unwind in your free time? Any hobbies?

I love to go to spas and enjoy doing this with my girlfriends from time to time. I also relax up in the mountains with my husband when we need time away from the mundane routines.

If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would you be and what would you be doing?

I’d love to be in St. Tropez doing nothing without a care in the world.

Tell us about your Devin’s Kickass Cajun Spice. What is it? Why did you create it? Where can we try/buy it?

I love to cook and Cajun is my heritage and my specialty, so when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans it affected me and I wanted to do something to help. I noticed most of the Cajun spices were way too salty and wanted to create my own recipe that had more flavor, something that could be used in everything I cooked. I also wanted to help rebuild New Orleans and give part of the proceeds to do so. It took two years to develop our spice and we are very proud of it. You can purchase it only at www.devronn.com


Will you ever return to acting?

Yes, I’m ready to moonlight in front of the camera again now!

Wow, raise your hand if you are hugely impressed by Devin’s long list of accomplishments and projects! *hand shoots into the air* I love her heart for women and SO admire her philanthropic efforts. The quickest way to help yourself is to help someone else. That’s a lesson we all need to remember.

Devin, I am incredibly grateful you’ve taken time from your busy schedule to share your wisdom with us and wish you continued success in all you do! I can’t wait to see all that’s ahead for you!

What “golden nugget” did you pull from today’s interview? I’d love to know what resonated most with you. Please share and let’s dialogue in the comments!

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2 comments on “Entrepreneur interview with Devin DeVasquez, owner of DevRonn Enterprises

  1. What an inspiration! I love that Devin finds time to do a little bit everyday…rather than trying to cram so much into one day and end up exhausted and not feeling super accomplished throughout all areas of life. Balance is such a great thing to achieve in business! Ps-I love hot, spicy and Cajun so I’ll definitely have to look her seasoning up!!

    • Yes, and that is SO my style…trying to cram it all into one day. Balance is key, that’s for sure! I didn’t know you were a hot, spicy food lover! I wish my tastebuds were adventurous like that, but I’m pretty bland, unfortunately. I LOVE what Devin is doing with her seasoning, though!

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