Developing the long-term mindset for business success

When I started my business just over 3 years ago, I never imagined the personal development that would be triggered, nor the obstacles I would encounter. As I reflect on the last few years, yet anticipate the path ahead, I can’t help but smile and pause to share a few very important lessons with you. If you’re a business owner already, I’m certain you agree. If you’re launching a business (or considering it)…take note.

To succeed in business, you MUST commit for the long-haul. Rome wasn’t built in a day…so I find it absurd when someone is disappointed if his/her new business is not generating the tens of thousands of dollars that s/he may have imagined it would be generating in 6 months. It all comes down to one thing…the decision to commit to hard work.

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I see it happen all the time in the network marketing and direct sales industry. A new person launches his or her business, sets shallow goals, “dips their toe” and “waits to see if it will work”. Here’s the problem with that philosophy. You will always get what you expect. So if you’re “waiting to see if it will work”…it probably won’t.

See, multi-level marketing (MLM) is a tried and true business model. It works for those who are willing to work it. It’s unlikely that Bill Gates “dipped his toe” when he was initially launching his computer business. He committed to doing what it takes – failing, risking and ignoring the naysayers. And he’s now the brains behind one of the world’s most well-known technology empires. He had a big vision and no one was going to take it from him.

That’s what running a successful business requires…a commitment to yourself and to the dreams and desires you have to make the world a better place…and not letting anyone or anything diminish that. Here are a few reasons why you absolutely must make a long-term commitment to achieving success with your business:

1. Success doesn’t happen overnight. This is important enough to state again. Commit to your new business for AT LEAST a year. In fact, Robert Kiyosaki would recommend sticking with it for a minimum of THREE years. He is a HUGE proponent for network marketing and I highly recommend his book The Business of the 21st Century.

2. We all have our own set of odds. We’re all connected to different networks of people. We each have different talents/skillsets that may need to be refined. We all have different confidence levels – some that may need to be more empowered, others that may be overly confident, etc.

3. You can’t fire yourself. Truly, the only way to fail in your new business is to give up or quit. You report to yourself, (which can be a double-edged sword for those of you who aren’t disciplined) so you’re not in jeopardy of layoffs or downsizing. The speed of your success is dictated by the rate at which you produce consistent revenue-producing activity.

Don’t you owe it to yourself? Besides, if you take a look at the job market, the stats are grim. According to a recent message I received from well-known network marketer Todd Falcone, individuals over 25 years old who have a bachelor’s degree and are employed full-time have an average household income of $56,078. His message states that for an individual who is employed, yet never went to college, the average income is about HALF that. As I did research for these stats, I couldn’t find the exact report, however, I do consider him a credible source and ran across some other findings that offered a similar outlook.

Why is this important? Because $56,078 as an average household income for an intelligent, educated person isn’t much, is it? It’s a number that doesn’t represent much choice or chance for financial freedom…which is why I highly believe in entrepreneurship.

In closing, I encourage you to think deeply about where you are and where you want to be in the next few years. Your success truly is up to you. Your dreams and desires are within reach if you’ll simply commit to putting in the hard work and effort it will take to achieve them. There will be obstacles. There will be trials and failures. Just. Don’t. Quit. Tests come to those who are bound for bigger things.

I’ve made my decision to commit. It’s exciting to know my business is building a legacy that will impact our kids, their kids and future generations for years to come.

So I must ask. Which is more important? Your dreams? Your excuses? Negative Nelly’s criticisms? Feed your dreams and those fears will starve to death…

Thinking of starting your own business? Have a great business story that would inspire others? I’d love to hear about it.








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