Community Impact: How can you pay it forward and inspire others?

As an entrepreneur who has learned A LOT from other individuals, I highly believe in passing along the experiences and insights I’m gleaning from my journey in business.

When I graduated from Belmont University in 2006, little did I know that just a few years later, I would be making visits back to campus to  give presentations and speak to students in the PR program, their school for entrepreneurship and, most recently, the Lambda Pi Eta – a collegiate honor society for the National Communication Association.


L-R: Nicole, Krista, Courtney, Brianna, Marleen

In my most recent presentation at Belmont with Lambda Pi Eta, I was asked to speak about working outside of my degree and making the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

My degree from Belmont is in public relations with a minor in media studies. Thankfully, both of those areas of concentration are still incredibly relevant and transcendent across all career choices. The skills and experience I gained from those classes and internships have been extremely valuable to my journey in business. It’s important to note, however, that I never took any business classes and I certainly didn’t imagine that I would one day end up running my own business.

In addition to sharing how I made my transition to full-time business owner, I emphasized to these students the importance of personal branding. With all of the free online media tools available, there is no excuse for not leveraging them to benefit your career. Whether one desires to be an entrepreneur or not, employers are researching candidates online throughout the hiring process. If you’ve positioned yourself well online and the other candidate has not, the odds are in your favor.

It’s such an honor to see and hear how my story resonates with others. I’m humbled that I’ve been given this platform several times to share my story with these students and don’t take that lightly.

My story is one example regarding how, as much as we plan and prepare for the future, we truly never know where our individual paths will lead…but we should be compelled to share those experiences with others. Even if my story impacts only one person…that makes it worth it.

In addition to speaking on Belmont’s campus, I work with several other organizations I care deeply about – most having to do with women in business or historical preservation, two topics that are very important to me. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned through those groups soon.

Do you believe in giving back to your community? Tell us about one way you’re leaving a positive impact on the world around you. (i.e. mentoring students, helping in a food pantry, picking up trash along the highway, etc.) I’d love to hear about organizations/activities that are important to you.



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