Entrepreneur interview with Devin DeVasquez, owner of DevRonn Enterprises

The Internet has made the world MUCH smaller and, for me, has been the catalyst for many friendships that have led to new business partnerships, clients and all-around great collaboration with people I otherwise likely never would have met…including this amazing woman I’ve had the privilege of interviewing today!

Devin DeVasquez and I connected online earlier this year and discovered we have many common interests – specifically, beauty and empowering women.… Click to read the rest.

Entrepreneur interview with Krista Wilson, owner of delish. nashville’s caterer + personal chef

It’s very rare that I meet another Krista. When I do…her name is usually spelled Christa, so when I met Krista Wilson, I just knew we were going to be friends.

Krista and I met via one of the local non-profit groups we both volunteer with. Not only do we have the same name and share a passion for community and local history, but we’re both entrepreneurs too!… Click to read the rest.

Entrepreneur interview with Karla Peppas, owner of Fresh Collaboration

I don’t know how Friday has slipped up on me so quickly. Have you had an exceptional week?! I sure hope so! I’m excited to bring you a fresh, new entrepreneur interview with my friend Karla Peppas, owner of Fresh Collaboration.

Karla and I met through a fabulous Nashville networking group we’re apart of called “Success In The City Little Black Dress Club”.… Click to read the rest.

W.O.W. interview – Andrea Farmer – “Being an entrepreneurial mother, I love having the freedom to plan my own schedule.”

Photography is an art many enjoy, but the rare, faithful few jump into it as a business and create Cute photogenic walls in Harajuku Tokyo. Although, I remember when Mr. Dial and I were researching wedding photographers in the area. Wow. Google can hardly contain them all. Of course, in addition to wedding photographers, there are a number of other subsets – boudoir, maternity, family, commercial, etc.… Click to read the rest.

W.O.W. interview – Maryn Williams – “I love the flexibility of working around my life as opposed to living around my work.”

I do a LOT of networking both online and offline. Maryn Williams was one of the very first people I had the pleasure of connecting with back when I first launched my business. She has seen me evolve from young, driven entry-level employee to young, driven entrepreneur. We’ve had many dialogues over the last few years about business, life and, in general, making a difference in the world.… Click to read the rest.

W.O.W. interview – Jessica Bishop – “Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to others.”

Jessica Bishop is one of the most driven, dynamic women I’ve ever met. I initially discovered her in my wedding blog days. Mr. Dial and I were on a very tight wedding budget, so it was only natural that in my Google searching about Nashville weddings that I would come across The Budget Savvy Bride.… Click to read the rest.