Book recommendation: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Earlier this year, I had coffee with a fabulous life coach here in Nashville. We connected through a local women’s networking organization. Her business is called Seeds & Weeds Coaching and she can be found on Facebook by searching for Wildflower Evolution: Your Place to Grow with Christy Farr.

During our meeting I was sharing with her how it seemed I was juggling too many projects and had a bajillion tasks to complete. She recommended I check out “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. The next day I bought the book and, unfortunately, let it set on my bookshelf for several months.

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Of course, once I quit my job to pursue growing my own entrepreneurial venture, I realized I really needed this book. I can’t thank Christy enough for recommending it and now can’t recommend it enough to you, dear reader!

Think about how much information we receive on a daily basis. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (which I’m still learning!), RSS feeds, email newsletters and, of course, general correspondence. I don’t know about you, but I was never taught how to manage and process this constant flow of information.

This book has given me tools for that, has drastically improved the way I organize my day and my commitments and has also given me a framework for launching all the projects I want to launch. It definitely feels good to get some things done!

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When you read this book, have a highlighter handy and give yourself plenty of time to dig into it. Allen shares all kinds of fabulous, super-helpful morsels and processes, so you’ll want adequate time to process it all.

I’ll be sharing elements from this system, as well as my successes and struggles with it, throughout the next few weeks, so please come back soon! You can “like” fan pages for David Allen and Getting Things Done on Facebook to receive their tips and regular updates.

Have you read “Getting Things Done”? If so, please share your feedback! Has it helped you? If you haven’t read it, tell us what systems you’re using to stay organized and productive. I want to hear from you!

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2 comments on “Book recommendation: Getting Things Done by David Allen

  1. I started Getting Things Done a few months ago, and it’s been great! I’ve finally gotten into the habit of the weekly review part, and it’s just so nice feeling like I don’t need to remember every little thing in my life (“replace the AC filter, fix that dangerous exposed screw, deal with that letter, don’t forget to make that phonecall”), because it’s all written down somewhere.

    I really had a lightbulb moment when Allen talked about our generation and working in the information industry. It’s so true that most of the time when I’m procrastinating on something, or avoiding thinking about a task, it’s because I don’t know the true first step for that item because it’s kind of a vague, fuzzy task. Thinking and making decisions is mental work that my brain hates, so I automatically avoid even thinking about those types of tasks. Doing all that thinking and deciding in advance and having your next actions close at hand is so helpful!

    • Hi Natalie! Thanks for your comment! Yes, the weekly review is key! I finished the book about a month ago and am finally getting used to implementing the whole process…specifically getting the review written into my calendar, otherwise it doesn’t happen! 🙂 I’m so happy to know another GTD follower! Just bookmarked your blog…looking forward to your posts, friend!

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