Why you should be on Google+

When I initially heard about Google+, I groaned. I have a Twitter account. I’m on Facebook and manage a fan page. I’m on Pinterest, Delicious, Foursquare and who knows where else. The last thing I wanted was one more social network to keep up with.

When a gal pal I’m connected with over at The Awesome Women Hub offered to send me a Google+ invite, however, I’ll admit, I was curious enough to accept her offer.… Click to read the rest.

Book recommendation: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Earlier this year, I had coffee with a fabulous life coach here in Nashville. We connected through a local women’s networking organization. Her business is called Seeds & Weeds Coaching and she can be found on Facebook by searching for Wildflower Evolution: Your Place to Grow with Christy Farr.

During our meeting I was sharing with her how it seemed I was juggling too many projects and had a bajillion tasks to complete.… Click to read the rest.

What’s your work-life “fit”?

When an article from The Huffington Post titled “Supermoms At Higher Risk For Depression” came across my newsfeed earlier this week, I was intrigued to read it.

The basic gist of the piece is that ultimate happiness depends on managing attitudes and expectations. While I’m not a parent yet…and don’t plan to start a family for another few years…I did pull a few pieces of wisdom that I felt were applicable to my life and career and wanted to share with you as well.… Click to read the rest.