Choose anticipation over anxiety

Do you consider yourself an anxious person? Or do you find yourself eagerly anticipating what’s ahead?

I encourage you to wait in eager anticipation for what’s next. Anxiety is a stressor. In fact, Seth Godin says that anxiety can be defined as experiencing failure in advance. Check out the original source of how to reduce anxiety now. Why would anyone want to live that way?

When you wake up and work with anticipation each day, you’ll be more optimistic and more excited about what you’re doing. Being anxious, on the other hand, can be the surest way to disaster…because it encourages you to “play it safe”. And as the old saying goes…the rewards go to the risk-takers.

I came across this great image that I thought was fitting for this post…


Worrying is weak faith. You were made for more. Have faith and hope that good things are ahead. You won’t be disappointed. Until next time…


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