Hello there! I’m Krista.

Krista Dial about photoHave you ever felt “stuck”? Like you knew there was a bigger, more fulfilling purpose for your life…but you just didn’t know what it was supposed to be?

That’s how I felt in 2009, when my public relations job was in jeopardy due to corporate downsizing. Knowing the importance of a backup career plan, I started looking for an exit strategy. I’ve always had a passion for beauty and skincare, so when I discovered a dermatology-focused virtual business system, I quickly realized it could be a solution to my scary job situation…and it was. Seek and ye shall find!

Thanks to my online business, I’ve been afforded choices in my career and have been able to pursue my dream job. I’m now the media relations manager for an amazing organization on Nashville’s beloved Music Row. In my non-music business hours, I show busy people how to generate income online in just a few minutes a day, while also helping people feel good in their skin, both with my virtual dermatology business. It’s such a gift to have a multi-faceted career pursuing multiple passions!

For me, having a virtual business is about having options. Many people find themselves stuck in a career for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you love your career, but your profits are peanuts, so you’ve had to settle for a job you’re not as excited about for better pay. Perhaps you’re NOT so passionate about your career, but the money’s too good to leave.

What if you had more options? What if you could do what you love AND make great money? It IS possible. There is a better way.

I hope you’ll follow along on my journey as I pull back the curtain to show you. Along the way, I’ll be sharing posts about lifestyle, social media, becoming a new mom, business, beauty, skincare, life in Middle Tennessee, and maybe a few other areas of interest.

I’m so honored you’ve stopped by here, new friend. Please let me know how I can be a resource for you! Click here to learn more about working with me.

Krista Dial