WiFi works off of the same principal as other wireless devices, it’s a network of routers that communicate with each other using a set of standards and protocols. When you put a Wi-Fi device in range of a router, all the other routers automatically set up their own “backhaul” network. This means that all of the devices on your network can access the Internet while maintaining a direct connection to your router. This direct connection means that the Internet speed is the same as it would be with any other Wi-Fi access point. Because all the devices on your network have direct access to the Internet, you can connect up any number of devices and use any type of connectivity including 4G LTE cellular data, which is supported by many smartphones and tablets. As long as the device supports Wi-Fi Direct, it will work with a Wifi network in your home. If you still don’t have an internet provider, see What’s New In Eatel Business here!

The connection between the router and the devices on your network is called a Wi-Fi Direct Connection. When you connect a Wi-Fi Direct device to a Wifi network in your home, there is a way to keep devices on your network from connecting to another Wi-Fi network. All devices on the same Wi-Fi network are able to use the Internet, but the devices can connect to one another using a Wi-Fi Direct connection. It’s also possible to connect two or more Wi-Fi Direct devices to a single Wifi Direct connection, or multiple Wi-Fi Direct devices to a single Wi-Fi Direct connection. The connection between the router and the device is managed automatically by your router. A Wi-Fi Direct connection is easy to set up because of the way that Wi-Fi Direct uses a client/server system. A router creates and manages the connection between devices, and if one device is disconnected from the Wi-Fi Direct connection, then the connection between the devices is automatically and transparently created.

Connecting your PC to your home Wi-Fi network.

Once your device connects to the Wi-Fi Direct connection, it is automatically paired with an AP in the area. Once your device is paired with the desired Wi-Fi access point, the device becomes part of the local network, and automatically uses the Wi-Fi Direct connection to communicate with the local network. This is a very useful feature as it allows your PC to securely access and use the local network in places without wired Internet access or mobile data networks. This feature is especially useful for using the PC to access the local file system and the Internet. Connect to the local network using the PC’s wired Internet connection, or a mobile data network, and share files in the cloud.

You cannot connect the PC to the local network using the network switch. However, you can connect it to your home router using a router (such as a Linksys E4200) which includes the Wi-Fi Direct functionality built in. Connecting your wireless-enabled device to a Wi-Fi network or to a wireless access point using the network switch is prohibited.

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