26 benefits of a virtual franchise [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Have you ever wondered why someone starts a virtual franchise? Perhaps you’re thinking of starting one yourself?

Most people get started because they’re looking for a way a flexible way to earn some extra money alongside a job or family. Others may do it because they’ve found a product they enjoy using and want access to the distributor discount. You can learn why I started mine by clicking here and read how it’s impacted my family by clicking here.

When I started my virtual business, I was unaware of the many benefits it was offering me, so I’ve put together a list of 26 of them to help those of you who may have been thinking about starting one:

26-benefits-virtual-business-krista-dial1. You determine your pay. Whether you want your virtual business to earn you $500 a month or $50,000 a month, your payout is ultimately your decision. 

2. Go global. Do you know people in other countries? Many virtual franchises allow you to generate business beyond your home country’s borders. (Have you ever wanted to travel internationally? Build a team and/or client base in another country and now you can write off those travel expenses.)

3. Training is available instantly online. No traveling required. No additional fees necessary. Your training toolbox is accessible online the minute your virtual franchise is activated.

4. Incredible friendships. There’s something special and exceptionally rewarding about working with people who dream big, achieve big, and share common goals. 

5. Pursue your passion. As the saying goes “Follow your dreams or you’ll spend the rest of your life working for someone else who did.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a job, but we all have dreams and desires. If your job isn’t fulfilling those, a virtual franchise is a simple, flexible way to do that. 

6. Free vacations. Most people get paid time-off from an employer while on vacation, but few actually get vacations that are completely paid for. Many virtual franchises offer vacation incentives and travel rewards. Who doesn’t want to go on a fully-funded vacation?!

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4 comments on “26 benefits of a virtual franchise [FREE DOWNLOAD]

  1. These are all so true!!! Honestly having 100% control over my own income and being able to help people in a way that I love without feeling like I sold out are two huge reasons why I decided to do a virtual business.

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